There’s so much more to Macao than food, gambling and shopping. The next time you stop by the City of Dreams, why not check out some of these curious experiences and get to know another side of this lively city?

Relax with a luxurious Sangria spa and massage

Wine-lovers rejoice! You can now indulge in a signature Macanese Sangria Ritual at the Grand Lapa’s spa. This fun, East-meets-West spa treatment is a cocktail of three pampering skintreats. Start off with a two-hour body scrub featuring a scrub made from fresh grapes, crushed rice and a luxurious blend of fine essential oils. Then, look forward to the main affair with a glass of sangria in hand.

Immerse yourself in the revitalising sangria bath made from a concoction of red wine and grape seed extracts in your private outdoor spa garden. Finally, finish off with an 80-minute grape seed oil massage and allow the aromas that surround you to lure your mind into a state of peace.

Fly from the world’s tallest bungee jump

© 2019 Macao Tower

The Macao Tower is not only one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, but also the Guinness World Record holder of the world’s highest commercial bungee jump. At 233m / 764ft high, those who seek an adrenaline rush will definitely find it here. Jumpers leap through the air secured by a specially designed bungee cord for the ultimate free-fall experience.

© 2019 Macao Tower

The guide cables systems allow jumps to take place in nearly all weather conditions, even during the night! Others who seek a little less thrill can opt for the Skywalk and Skyjump activities for an equally sensational experience.

Visit the Treasure of Sacred Art Museum

As a once-colony of the Portuguese, Catholicism in Macao remains strong with many beautiful Catholic churches dotted throughout the city. Located in the 17th century baroque Church of St. Dominic is the Treasure of Sacred Art, a museum full of religious art from the 19th and early 20th century.


With over 300 artefacts including religious statues, exquisite oil paintings, wood carvings and liturgical objects and accessories, this museum is a hidden gem for those who want to learn more about the city’s religious roots.

Sail Macao’s waters on a traditional junk

© Follow Me Macao Limited

As a 400-year old port city with a history of fishing and ship-building as its main industries, Macao has strong ties to the ocean. Those hoping to get a little taste of times past have the opportunity to cruise through Macao’s waters on a traditional junk.

© Follow Me Macao Limited

Sit back and enjoy the unbeatable view of the Macao skyline from the deck, or jump into the waters below for a cooling swim. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot some pink dolphins swimming around. 

Stay in a Michael Jackson themed mansion-suite

© SOFITEL 2019

Fans of the late King of Pop will definitely fancy a night spent in this Michael Jackson mansion suite. Located in the Sofitel Macao At Pointe16 Hotel, this 2,000-square-foot party palace located in an exclusive wing of the hotel is stuff of any rockstar’s dream.

© SOFITEL 2019

Decked out in gold, black and diamante trimmings, the “MJ” insignia is emblazoned onto everything from the king-sized bed and duvet cover to the grand front doors. With a private swimming pool, jacuzzi, karaoke room, and 24-hour butler service, this is one luxurious experience not to be missed. 

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Watch the House of Dancing Water Show

© Dragone – Cultural creation company

This world-class water-based stage production is a spectacular sight to behold. Sit spellbound for 90 minutes of awe inspiring waterworks as you’re drawn into a magical world of light and colour. Hailed as one of the best shows ever by critics and audiences alike, over 80 gymnasts, circus artists, dancers, divers, actors, and motorcyclists come together along with 160 backstage staff and technicians to bring this lavish theatrical performance to life.

© 2019 South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd.

With dazzling costumes, mesmerising special effects and visual extravaganzas in the form of acrobatic tricks and artistic and aerial performances, and dance fusions, sit back and take in the splendor of this watery love story.

Sip on cocktails at the China Rogue


The China Rogue is the place you want to be for a taste of 1920s Shanghai glamour. This ritzy space boasts an exquisitely designed, avant-garde interior full of glitz and glam. With an art-deco inspired decorations, the East-meets-West flavour of Macao truly comes to life in this atmospheric lounge.



Sip on an array of award-winning creative concoctions of go for a classic bottle of fine wine or champagne from the Old World. Soak in the atmosphere and sit back and enjoy your night to moody, easy live music.

Support local artisans at the Macao Design Centre


Formally an old deserted factory, this wholly transformed 5-storey centre will excite creative spirits wanting to learn more about art and design in Macao. The Macao Design Centre frequently hosts art exhibitions by up-and-coming talents, with exhibition halls, studio spaces and seminar rooms available for events and exploration.

For information on events here and everywhere else in Macao, check out Macao Tourism Government Office website!


Ultimately, this is one of the best spots in the city for a leisurely afternoon with a cup of tea and a book in hand. If you prefer to depart from the cafe, the rooftop garden provides a lovely atmosphere as well. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop and pick up a few quirky souvenirs on your way out!

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