Indulge in the quintessentially British pastime of afternoon tea and discover a world of delectable treats and immersive experiences that await you across the nation. For those seeking to explore beyond the traditional, we have curated a list of extraordinary afternoon teas that will tantalize your taste buds and elevate your senses.

Romeo & Juliet Afternoon Tea, The Swan, London

The romantic world of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet Afternoon Tea awaits at The Swan in London. This modern riverside bar and restaurant infuse a touch of drama into its traditional tea service. For those who prefer a savoury indulgence, try Mr Falstaff’s Afternoon Tea, complete with tantalizing cheese scones and a Welsh rarebit. While indulging in these mouth-watering treats, marvel at the stunning views of the city, including the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Peter Pan Afternoon Tea at the Aqua Shard, London

Step into a world of enchantment with the Peter Pan Afternoon Tea at Aqua Shard in London. This magical dining experience will transport you to Neverland, where you’ll discover a whimsical wonderland of themed teas, cocktails, and delectable treats. Nestled on the 31st floor of Western Europe’s tallest building, marvel at the London skyline through its floor-to-ceiling glass walls.

Alice at The Franklin, London

The Franklin takes guests on a journey down the rabbit hole and discover an Alice in Wonderland-themed afternoon tea brimming with whimsy and wonder. Located in the heart of Knightsbridge, allow yourself to step into a world of imagination and indulge in a modern twist on the classic tea service that Alice herself would surely adore.

Science Afternoon Tea, London

Prepare to be amazed by the ultimate fusion of science and gastronomy at the Science Afternoon Tea at the prestigious Ampersand Hotel. Inspired by the nearby Science Museum, this unique tea service takes you on a journey through the fascinating worlds of physics, chemistry, and culinary arts. Feast on decadent chocolate spacemen, indulge in mouth-watering dinosaur biscuits and sip on tea blends expertly infused with unique flavour combinations.

Afternoon Tea Bus Tour, London

Hop aboard a vintage London bus and experience the renowned ‘Brigit’s Afternoon Tea’ with an array of tasty sandwiches and delicious cakes and pastries. Tour the bustling streets of London past the city’s most famous landmarks, including the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and St. James’s and Hyde Parks. You’ll come across the Royal Albert Hall, Marble Arch, and Nelson’s Column.

80 Days Around the World Afternoon Tea, London

Embark on a culinary journey with the Phileas Fogg-inspired afternoon tea at The Kensington. Starting in the bustling streets of London, you will be transported to Paris, with its delectable pastries, and on to Rome, where you’ll savour the authentic flavours of Italy. Egypt serves as your final destination with its rich and aromatic Middle Easter taste.

Afternoon Tea and Icing Workshop, Biscuiteers, London

At Biscuiteers, visitors can revel in the ultimate indulgence of a bespoke tea whilst creating their own themed biscuits! Revel in an array of dainty finger sandwiches, exquisite patisserie, freshly baked scones and Biscuiteers’ signature hand-iced biscuits. The Tregothnan tea moment is something to be savoured, with a touch of Biscuiteers fizz perfect for that special occasion. 

Sketch Afternoon Tea, London

Experience a whimsical world of pink decadence and contemporary art at Sketch Afternoon Tea in London. The stunning Gallery room, adorned with plush pink walls and velvet seating, invites you to indulge in a picture-perfect high tea experience. As uniformed staff serves up delectable treats, live music sets the ambience, transporting you to a world of artistic indulgence.

Royal and Valentines Afternoon Teas, Theatre Royal, London

The Royal and Valentines Afternoon Teas at the Theatre Royal in London, created by the renowned baker Lily Vanilli, invites guests to experience an exquisite tea menu fit for royalty. This celebratory tea takes place in the Grand Saloon, where opulent surroundings and fine art create a truly magical experience. Indulge in beautifully decorated cakes, heavenly scones, and savoury bites, all served with Rare Tea Company’s most refined tea blends.

The Pump Room Grand Afternoon Tea, Bath

The Pump Room Grand Afternoon Tea is a charming Georgian restaurant nestled in the heart of the stunning city of Bath. It has been the go-to destination for those looking to savour an unforgettable snack for centuries. From literary legends like Jane Austen to influential authors like Charles Dickens, esteemed guests have immersed themselves in the authentic charm of this UNESCO spa city complemented by the ultimate Afternoon Tea experience.

High Tea in the Clouds, Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

High Tea in the Clouds is a unique destination where located in the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. As you ascend 105 meters above the ground, prepare to be swept away by the panoramic views of Portsmouth and the Solent beyond. Take in the vistas of Portsmouth as you relish the exquisite selection of teas and flavoursome treats.

Dr Arnott’s Sampling Sensation, The Real Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh

Dr Arnott’s Sampling is a new interactive and immersive experience located in The Real Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh. Visitors can delve into the mysteries of 17th-century medicine. You can also create your own herbal ‘remedies’ using Dr Arnott’s tried-and-tested recipe.

Red Bus Bistro, Glasgow

Tour Glasgow in style on board a vintage Routemaster while savouring a nice cuppa and indulging in a delicious traditional afternoon tea. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the city as you indulge in unlimited tea, coffee.

Haggis Tea, Lodge on Loch Lomond, Scotland

With the waters of the Loch serving as the backdrop, the Lodge invites guests to savour the finest local delicacies, including the delectable Haggis Bon Bons and a range of sweet treats. A steaming pot of tea carefully selected from a range of premium blends complements the experience. The Lodge also offers the option of a Ben Lomond Gin tea paired with the crisp and refreshing taste of Franklin & Sons Light Tonic.

Tea and Spa, You me and Tea, Cliff Hotel, Wales

Nestled on the breathtaking West Wales Coast, You Me and Tea at the Cliff Hotel offers the perfect blend of stunning sea views, luxurious spa treatments, and delectable afternoon tea. Indulge in various treatments, massages, and therapies designed to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Oh me oh my, Liverpool

The enchanting Oh me oh my tea room is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a delightful Afternoon Tea experience served up in a boutique surrounded by a treasure trove of vintage clothes along with fun workshops for groups or individuals. Accompanied by breathtaking views of the city, the ambience is nothing short of magical.

Vintage Tea, Ashwell & Co, Bristol

Step into the charming boutique of Ashwell & Co, nestled in the vibrant street art capital of Bristol, and be transported to a whimsical world of vintage fashion and delectable Afternoon Tea. With sustainability and individuality at the forefront of its philosophy, the shop boasts a treasure trove of carefully curated pieces to delight even the most discerning visitor.

Afternoon Cheese, Norwich

Discover a unique Afternoon Tea experience with Afternoon Cheese, set in the Assembly House of Norwich. A delectable selection of locally sourced cheeses will satisfy your cravings. This historic building serves as a gateway to the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland as well as housing their esteemed cookery school.

Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Experience an exquisite tea shop that is a wonderland of themed afternoon teas guaranteed to take your taste buds on a ride. Indulge in a Botanical Tea that is crafted by in-house botanists, using only the freshest, seasonal ingredients. Set amongst a stunning floral backdrop, a tantalizing array of savoury and sweet treats inspired by the world of Aladdin awaits your visit.