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Updated April 2024

Looking for an affordable and comfortable way to fly with British Airways? Look no further than their premium economy class, World Traveler Plus. This option offers more space, privacy, and amenities compared to regular economy class, all while remaining within your budget. It’s definitely worth considering if you want to enhance your flying experience with British Airways.

British Airways premium economy class overview

British Airways’ premium economy class, World Traveller Plus, offers more legroom and enhanced comfort than regular economy. It’s available on most international flights and some domestic routes. Benefits of this upgrade include:

  • wider seats and more legroom
  • a separate, smaller cabin with fewer rows
  • two delicious meals and complimentary bar service
  • a personal entertainment system with noise-cancelling headphones
  • a stylish amenity kit made from recycled plastic bottles
  • more free baggage allowance
  • priority boarding

Premium economy class offers a better flying experience for those who don’t want to pay the high cost of business or first-class tickets. Upgrades using Avios or cash are possible, but availability may vary.

British Airways premium economy ticket price 

Note that prices are accurate at the time of writing for flights around April – May 2024.

Travelling on British Airways’ premium economy can offer greater comfort and service than travelling in economy class, although it comes at a more expensive cost. The amount you’ll spend on airfare may differ depending on where you’re going, with prices stretching up to GBP 3,306 (USD 4,072), even for one-way trips.

A one-way booking from London to Austin starts at GBP 2,299 (USD 2,847), while a flight to Mumbai will cost you GBP 870 (USD 1,077). However, these prices are subject to change and availability.

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British Airways premium economy seat

Premium economy seats offer more comfort and space than regular economy. They’re wider, with extra lumbar support, a headrest, a footrest, and ample legroom for stretching out. Seat width varies depending on the aircraft type but ranges from 18.5 to 19 inches. The seat pitch is around 38 inches, with a power outlet and USB port available for device charging convenience.

Seating arrangements in the economy class cabin are 2-3-2 or 2-4-2, with two seats by the windows and three to four seats in the middle column. The premium economy class has fewer rows than the economy, creating a more exclusive and quieter atmosphere.

You can choose your seat when you book your flight or later using Manage My Booking. Changing seats is also possible before check-in. Executive Club Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Blue Members select their seats for free from booking time onwards.

British Airways premium fleets

British Airways operates a variety of aircraft types for its premium economy class flights. The following are the fleets that offer World Traveller Plus seats:

Airbus A380-800

The Airbus A380 is a double-deck, wide-body jet manufactured by Airbus Industries. It is the largest commercial passenger aircraft, with a roomy upper deck and greener features than the Boeing 747-400. Carbon fiber makes up about one-fourth of its structure.

Customer benefits include:

  • choice of First, Club World, World Traveller Plus, and World Traveller
  • on-demand audio and video systems for all seats
  • spacious and quiet cabins

Boeing 777-200

The Boeing 777-200 is a long-range, twin-engine jet made by American aerospace company Boeing. It operates on routes to North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australasia, the Far East, the Middle East, and Gulf destinations. Nicknamed ‘Triple Seven,’ it was designed using computers – a world first for commercial aircraft. Features include super large engines and low-hanging landing gear with blade-shaped tail cones, including a narrow tailfin.

Furthermore, passengers departing from London Gatwick can benefit from an upgraded fleet of Boeing 777 planes and World Traveller Plus seats. The improved seating features enlarged entertainment screens that are 50% bigger, as well as a dedicated USB outlet for every seat.

Passenger benefits include:

  • super quiet, super wide cabins with high ceilings
  • personal audio and video systems for all seats
  • choice of First, Club World, World Traveller Plus, and World Traveller.

Boeing 777-300

The Boeing 777-300 is a twin-engine jet. It’s used for long-range routes to Asia and North America. Features are similar to the Boeing 777-200. British Airways helped design it for fuel efficiency and comfort in the cabin. Compared to the 777-200, this model has a longer body & wings with new landing gear & extra fuel tanks, making it a best seller in long-haul commercial aircraft. The customer benefits are the same as the Boeing 777-200.

Boeing 787-8

The Boeing 787-8 is a fuel-efficient jet with composite materials for its fuselage and wing. The engine’s serrated edges reduce noise by up to 60%. It has larger windows customers can adjust using an electrochromic dimming system.

Customer benefits include:

  • choice of Club World, World Traveller Plus, and World Traveller
  • personal audio and video on demand
  • increased cabin comfort with large windows, higher humidity, and lower pressurization

Boeing 787-9

The Boeing 787-9 is a mid-size, dual aisle twin-engine jet that’s 20% more fuel efficient than its predecessors. It features composite materials for the primary structure and more oversized windows with adjustable brightness. The aircraft has serrated edges on the engine nacelles to reduce noise by up to 60%. Additionally, it has raked wingtips and an evolution of the First cabin with only eight seats compared to fourteen. The customer benefits are the same as the Boeing 787-8.

British Airways premium economy baggage allowance

The checked baggage limit for British Airways is 23kg per bag and varies depending on your booking, cabin class, and Executive Club Tier level. Premium Economy flyers are granted a larger allowance with the option to bring up to two 23kg bags.

You can bring a cabin bag, a handbag on board, and two bags in the hold.

  • handbags (guaranteed in the cabin): up to 40 x 30 x 15cm (16 x 12 x 6in)
  • cabin bags (may need to go in the hold): up to 56 x 45 x 25cm (22 x 18 x 10in)
  • checked baggage: up to 90 x 75 x 43cm (35 x 30 x 17in)

Using their calculator tool, you can easily check your baggage allowance on the British Airways website. If your checked luggage exceeds the standard weight limit, you might have to bear an additional heavy bag charge of 65 GBP / 75 EUR / 100 USD per overweight bag and one-way journey.

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