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Premium economy presents an enticing option for travelers seeking to enhance their flight experience without breaking the bank. It combines the comfort of business class with the affordability of economy class. Numerous airlines in the UAE offer this service, connecting to a wide range of global destinations. Understanding what these airlines offer can be truly beneficial.

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What is the Premium Economy class?

Premium economy, often referred to as executive economy by some airlines, provides a comfortable compromise between the economy and business classes on flights.

These seats are typically priced similarly to economy seats yet offer a slight upgrade. They are consistently more affordable than business-class fares. With its comfort-enhancing features and a variety of amenities, premium economy distinguishes itself from the standard economy offerings.

Budget-conscious travelers who choose economy class usually aim to secure the lowest possible price. However, they might find that the quality doesn’t always match the cost. Likewise, business class passengers may feel that the value and quality don’t justify the significantly higher prices compared to economy class.

Premium economy addresses this disparity by offering a balance of affordability and luxury. It’s a step up from the standard without the steep price of business class. Enjoy the journey without compromising on comfort or cost.

Which UAE airlines offer premium economy?

With over 140 airline companies operating in the UAE, we have selected a few outstanding ones that offer premium economy and warrant your attention.

Please Note: Prices are accurate at the time of writing and reflect research done for flights between June and July. 


Emirates, the premium national carrier of the UAE, is highly favored by travelers for its dedication to delivering a luxurious experience across all classes. However, Emirates has set a new standard of luxury with the introduction of Premium Economy, which is now available on their fleet of flights, including the renowned Airbus A380s.

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The Dubai to New York City flight with Emirates sees a 47% increase in the standard economy fare, influenced by several factors. These extra amenities are especially important for long-haul flights like this one, as they significantly improve the travel experience. Here are some features of Emirates’ premium economy:

Image © Emirates

  • comfortable seats: Creamy leather seats with adjustable headrests and elevated leg rests offer ample space. With over 40 inches of legroom and extra reclining features, passengers can enjoy a restful sleep, complemented by larger pillows for excellent back support
  • amenities: Passengers receive a dental kit, eye mask, headphones, bookmarks, and access to a 13.3-inch HD TV for inflight entertainment. The latest A380 models feature upgraded high-speed Wi-Fi for enhanced connectivity
  • personalized dining: Guests can tailor their dining experience with a curated menu presented on sophisticated wood grain tables. Indulge in Emirates’ delectable offerings served on luxurious Royal Doulton china tableware paired with linen-wrapped stainless steel cutlery
  • expanded beverage options: Passengers can enjoy a wider range of beverages, including Chandon sparkling wine, extra vintages from the Business Class selection, as well as chocolates and liqueurs for a truly indulgent experience

To learn more about the Emirates Premium Economy class, you can visit our dedicated article on this topic by clicking the link below.

Emirates Premium Economy Class: What You Should Know About The Emirates New Premium Cabin Class



Vistara is a favorite among Indian passengers, boasting the lowest record for flight delays and exceptional in-flight service. The airline proudly introduced India’s first-ever premium economy service in 2022 on its busiest route from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai.

During the start of the vacation season in Dubai, when schools break for summer, flight prices from Dubai to Mumbai typically skyrocket. However, at Vistara, the price difference between the economy and the premium economy during this period is just 11%.

  • fine dining and entertainment: Indulge in a culinary journey tailored to diverse tastes, complemented by a wide selection of beverages to enjoy while cruising at 35,000 feet. Dive into a world of entertainment with an extensive library of movies and series available through the in-flight entertainment system
  • generous baggage allowance: Travel with ease knowing that Vistara offers generous allowances for both checked-in and carry-on luggage, ensuring you have everything you need for your journey. The check-in baggage rules vary for different destinations. More detailed information about this is available on the official website of Vistara
  • comfortable seating: Experience the luxury of Vistara’s premium economy class with spacious seating arrangements located at the front of the plane. Enjoy enhanced comfort and relaxation compared to standard economy seating

Image © Vistara

Premium economy offers significant advantages over economy, as the price difference is minimal. This is especially true on crowded routes like Dubai to Bombay, where the premium economy’s priority boarding and baggage collection features can save travelers significant time.

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British Airways

British Airways, the national airline of the United Kingdom, offers one of the most opulent premium economy experiences in the UAE. With routes spanning across the globe from the UAE, the Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow route stands out as the busiest of all.

During the peak holiday season in the UAE, the aforementioned route experiences a surge of approximately 270% in comparison to the normal economy price, marking it as the largest increase in this entire list. Is it worth it? You can decide for yourself.

Here are the offerings of British Airways for the premium economy class:

  • in-flight entertainment: Indulge in a personalized flat-screen entertainment system with noise-canceling headphones, immersing yourself in an experience that can make you forget you’re on a flight. This is complemented by British Airways’ Paramount+ library, offering a vast selection of movies, shows, music, audiobooks, and games
  • dining experience: After take-off, enjoy exclusive sparkling wine, followed by a starter, main course, and dessert served with British Airways’ impeccable dining service. Throughout your flight, snacks, hot and cold beverages, and alcoholic drinks are delivered directly to your seat
  • baggage allowance: Benefit from additional allowances for both checked-in and hand baggage with premium economy. If travelling from Dubai to Heathrow, Gatwick, Geneva, Zurich, or Vienna, you can also take advantage of the option for doorstep baggage pick-up. This convenient service allows the airline to collect your baggage from your location and check it in for you

Image © British Airways

On particularly long flights, such as the example mentioned above, travelers may consider investing in British Airways’ premium luxury services to fully enjoy the journey.

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Saudi Arabia’s budget low-cost airline offers a top-tier premium economy experience at a significantly lower cost, enticing every traveler to stretch their budget and consider this option for its abundance of luxury features.

During Dubai’s peak holiday season, Flynas charges 120% more for premium economy flights compared to standard economy fares. Is it worth paying more than double the price?

  • lounge access: Enjoy access to exclusive executive lounges at selected airports, where Flynas premium economy passengers can unwind and relax before their flight
  • extra luggage: Flynas premium economy tickets come with an extended luggage allowance known as Hold baggage allowance, allowing passengers to carry two bags weighing up to 20 kgs each
  • food: Indulge in exclusive onboard meals, snacks, and refreshing beverages during your flight
  • flexibility: Premium economy tickets offer great flexibility, allowing changes or cancellations up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight
  • seating: The spacious 8-seat configuration of the premium economy cabin provides ample room for a relaxed and comfortable seating position. With a generous seat pitch of up to 33 inches, seats can be reclined up to 5 inches

Image © Flynas

Lounge access for premium economy travelers is a rare offering among airlines, with Flynas being one of the few exceptions. This access significantly elevates the travel experience, distinguishing Flynas’ premium economy class from its competitors by leaps and bounds in terms of luxury.

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Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific has earned a prestigious five-star rating from Skytrax, placing it among the top ten airlines worldwide for its outstanding service quality and passenger comfort.

With a 52% increase from economy prices, the offerings provided by Cathay Pacific appear justified. These numerous advantages are especially beneficial for long flights, making booking a premium economy ticket with Cathay Pacific worthwhile.

Passengers can enjoy exclusive privileges, including:

  • priority check-in: Cathay Pacific offers priority check-in counters at selected airports for premium economy passengers. This allows you to bypass the crowds and begin enjoying the premium experience right from the moment you enter the airport
  • baggage allowance: Premium economy passengers enjoy additional baggage allowances compared to those traveling in normal economy class. For more details about baggage information, please refer to the official website
  • amenities kit: The in-flight amenities kit provided by Cathay Pacific can be incredibly useful throughout your journey. It includes essentials such as a pair of socks, an eye mask, earplugs, a toothbrush, and toothpaste
  • in-flight entertainment: Cathay Pacific’s award-winning in-flight entertainment system ensures you’re entertained until touchdown. Gain access to a premium library featuring a wide variety of popular movies, shows, and more, including content from Disney+
  • delectable cuisines: Cathay Pacific offers a range of dishes to suit every palate. Indulge in the best of Hong Kong cuisine served onboard, including the famous Hong Kong egg tarts, accompanied by brewed coffee and Betsy beer
  • comfortable seats: All of these amenities can be enjoyed while relaxing in your spacious, luxurious seats. With generous recline, expanded legroom, and supported headrests, along with full-length calf rests and leather-padded footrests, you’ll experience unparalleled comfort throughout your journey

Image © Cathay Pacific

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Air Canada

Canada’s flag carrier, Air Canada, is not only the largest but also the most renowned airline in the country, celebrated for its exceptional services. With a reputation for excellence, it has been delivering outstanding premium economy service for over a decade, with these offerings also available on routes to the UAE.

Here’s a classic example highlighting the importance of exploring all options when booking a flight, even if you have specific preferences. Air Canada is offering premium economy seats that are priced comparably lower than economy seats. Despite being the longest route among the three examples provided, with a flight time exceeding 14 hours, this offer is too good to pass up.

  • enhanced ambiance: Premium economy is separated from the standard economy, providing a more tranquil and relaxing environment for passengers
  • amenities: In addition to the spacious seats, passengers are provided with an adjustable headrest, a cozy pillow and blanket, and a CleanCare+ kit containing essential hygiene items such as a mask, hand sanitizer, and antiseptic wipes. International travelers also receive an amenity kit.
  • entertainment system: Enjoy a personal touch TV for in-flight entertainment featuring hundreds of top-rated on-demand options. The screen can be connected to a headset via a single pin, either using your own headset or the complementary pair of earbuds provided onboard. Additionally, there is a USB port for charging, along with in-seat power at every seat
  • generous luggage allowance: Premium economy ticket holders can check in two free checked bags. Further details about luggage allowances can be found on the Air Canada website.
  • spacious seating: The flight offers a limited-seat configuration, ensuring a generous 38-inch seat pitch that allows ample room for stretching out, relaxing, or even dozing off comfortably.

Image © Air Canada

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Pakistan International Airlines

The government-owned flagship carrier of Pakistan, renowned for its extensive network connecting the nation to global destinations, has recently introduced a premium economy section. One of the airline’s routes, one of the most in-demand, is the service from the UAE to Lahore, boasting the highest number of booked Executive Economy seats.

Branded as Executive Economy, the premium class provides an experience reminiscent of business class. The Executive Economy offerings by Pakistan International Airlines encompass the following:

  • lounge access: Executive economy passengers flying with Pakistan Airlines are granted entry to business class lounges at major international and domestic airports. These lounges serve as tranquil spaces for travelers to relax before their flight, offering amenities such as the latest magazines and newspapers, internet access, cable television, and refreshments
  • extra legroom: The executive economy cabin aboard PIA provides ample legroom, surpassing other seating options. With seats that almost convert into flatbeds, passengers can stretch out, unwind, and even doze off comfortably throughout the flight
  • gourmet dining: Delight in an exquisite dining experience onboard, featuring a diverse menu curated exclusively for premium economy passengers, showcasing the finest culinary selections
  • extra baggage allowance: Enjoy a 12 kg allowance for cabin luggage, which includes 7 kg of check-in baggage along with a briefcase weighing up to 5kg. Additionally, there are extra allowances for checked luggage that vary according to your flight route. You can check these allowances on the official website by selecting your place of travel
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Ranked among some of the top and most prestigious airlines globally, Lufthansa, the flag carrier of Germany, operates multiple flights from the UAE to destinations worldwide.

On Lufthansa’s Dubai to Frankfurt route, the price of premium economy travel is 72% higher than economy. This price difference is attributed to the premium economy class’s enhanced privacy, comfort, and spaciousness.

  • enhanced entertainment: Immerse yourself in entertainment throughout your journey with a generous 12-inch screen conveniently located in front of you, ensuring endless entertainment until touchdown
  • fine dining and beverages: Indulge in a luxurious dining experience with a complimentary non-alcoholic welcome drink upon boarding. Additionally, relish in a specially curated menu exclusively for premium economy passengers, featuring delectable meals served on fine china tableware
  • generous baggage allowance: Enjoy the convenience of checking in two items of free baggage, each weighing up to 23 kg, doubling the allowance compared to Economy Class
  • spacious seating: Experience ultimate comfort with up to 50% more room on all sides, allowing you to sit in a comfortable position throughout the flight. Each seat also comes equipped with a personal cocktail table conveniently located on the armrest for added convenience

Image © Lufthansa

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Air France

Air France’s premium economy class epitomizes quintessential French elegance in the skies. This class offers a notable enhancement over standard economy.

During the start of the summer vacation season in Dubai, premium economy seats to Paris sell for 95% more than economy seats. This doubling in price is attributed to various factors, including the popularity of Paris as a renowned tourist destination, the seasonal demand, and the additional benefits offered by Premium Economy.

  • enhanced comfort: The premium economy section boasts a separate ambiance, delineated from economy class by a divider
  • entertainment hub: Enjoy a wide touchscreen monitor available immediately upon boarding, along with a personal adjustable reading lamp, power outlet, USB port, and noise-reducing headset, ensuring a captivating and immersive inflight entertainment experience
  • exclusive amenities: Each seat is equipped with a bottle of water, while passengers also receive a comfort kit containing a sleeping mask, a pair of socks, earplugs, and dental essentials like a toothbrush and toothpaste
  • generous baggage allowance: You can carry 2 hand baggage items and 1 personal item in the cabin. There isn’t any extra allowance for checked luggage for the premium economy
  • spacious seating: Featuring wider and fewer seats, the premium economy cabin offers ample room for relaxation. Passengers can unwind by stretching out on comfortable seats equipped with adjustable headrests, footrests, and legrests tailored to individual preferences. Additionally, passengers can indulge in the soft fleece blanket and plush pillow provided onboard

Image © Air France

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When to book premium economy tickets?

Choosing premium economy is particularly recommended for long-haul flights. The discomfort of being confined in tight economy seats for extended periods can be significantly reduced.

Selecting a premium economy ticket for longer flights brings distinct benefits. On the other hand, the duration may not be sufficient for shorter flights to fully enjoy the enhanced services or privileges offered in premium economy. Moreover, premium economy class is often not available or overlooked on such brief flights.

Considering premium economy for last-minute bookings could be beneficial. As the flight date approaches, the price difference between premium economy and regular economy tends to decrease, with economy fares gradually rising.

However, it’s crucial to note that premium economy prices also increase as demand surges. Therefore, it’s essential to consider factors such as the season, booking timing, destination, preferred airline, special occasions, and promotional offers to secure the best deal. Plan wisely to enjoy a balance of comfort and cost.


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