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Updated January 2024

As one of the leading airlines in the Middle East, Emirates Airlines continues to introduce innovations in its bid to elevate every aspect of the passenger experience. With the launch of the Emirates premium economy class, passengers trading up from the economy can enjoy the much-awaited service now.  


Wego has noted everything you need to know about Emirates premium economy class, the airline’s latest bid to elevate the comfort and relaxation of its passengers.

What is a premium economy class?

The premium economy class, also known as ‘elite economy class’ or ‘economy plus class,’ is a travel class offered by some airlines. It is often described as a class halfway between the standard economy and business class in terms of price, comfort, and available amenities.

Passengers can now fly with Emirates in Premium Economy on the first of their brand new A380 aircraft, with fully refurbished interiors with cream and bronze tones to match the latest Boeing 777 Gamechanger aircraft. Travellers can look forward to experiencing higher levels of comfort and relaxation in the airline’s new premium economy cabin. Among others, travellers will be able to enjoy more space and a premium dining experience in a comfortable cabin interior.

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What does the Emirates premium economy class offer?

Premium economy seats

Emirates Airlines introduces a new level of comfort by providing wider, cream leather seats along with raised cushioned leg rests. Headrests are also fully adjustable, complemented with a deeper recline to allow for extra space and comfort. Moreover, the premium economy seats are located at the front of the aircraft allowing travellers to quickly exit the aircraft upon landing.

Premium dining experience

Travellers will be served an excellent choice of dishes and fine wines unavailable in economy class. A set of regional monthly menus is set to be presented on Royal Doulton china tableware, complete with stainless steel cutlery. The woodgrain dining table folds neatly into the seat while travellers reserve the option of resting their glass of wine on the exquisitely designed side table.

Inflight entertainment

Long flight? Rest assured that the premium economy cabin inflight entertainment system will keep boredom at bay. The premium economy cabin features a 13.3-inch HDTV perfect for streaming thousands of movies, TV shows, and more. You can even connect your own headphones wirelessly via Bluetooth if you’re so inclined. Lastly, premium economy passengers are also welcome to connect to a high-speed Wi-Fi service.

What are the Emirates premium economy routes & flights?

As of now, the Emirates Premium Economy class has served in London Heathrow, Sydney, Auckland, Christchurch, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Houston and San Francisco.

Starting October 29, Emirates has offered Premium Economy flights between Dubai and selected Indian cities. Passengers travelling to and from Mumbai and Bengaluru can enjoy this upgraded service. Emirates operates its newly refurbished flagship A380 aircraft on these popular Indian routes, featuring the new Premium Economy seats. Additionally, the interiors of the entire cabin are refreshed, enhancing the overall experience for passengers in all other classes.

The route of this cabin class has also expanded to Sao Paulo starting on 19 November and Tokyo Narita starting on 20 December.

When will I be able to book Emirates premium economy class?

Emirates has now opened bookings for premium economy seats on flights to select destinations.

How much does it cost to upgrade to premium economy on Emirates?

The cost of upgrading to Premium Economy on Emirates depends on your booking details and availability. Enter your booking details here if you wish to continue and upgrade your Emirates flight.

Emirates premium economy price

Flight prices vary from time to time.

The lowest-priced one-way premium economy fare from Dubai to London is AED 3,890 (USD 1059,08) approximately. The one-way premium economy class fare from Dubai to Sydney starts from AED 9,930 (USD 2703,45) approximately. The one-way premium economy class fare from Dubai to New York starts from AED 5,510 (USD 1500,13) approximately. The one-way fares for premium economy class from Dubai to Singapore start from AED 3,200 (USD 871,22) approximately. We recommend checking Wego for detailed information on flight prices and schedules.

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