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The International Federation for Equestrian Sports (Fédération Equestre Internationale ‘FEI’) has officially announced that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has secured the hosting rights for the 2026 World Endurance Championship, Wego has learned. This prestigious event is set to unfold in the Al Ula Governorate, a region rich in history and natural beauty.


The bid, submitted in September, was a collaborative effort between the Saudi Equestrian Federation and the Royal Commission for Al Ula. Their joint efforts have culminated in this significant achievement, marking another milestone for Saudi equestrianism.

The Saudi Equestrian Federation’s efforts have been recognized and praised by both the International Equestrian Federation and the General Assembly members. This selection signifies not just a win for Saudi Arabia but also a testament to the country’s commitment to promoting equestrian sports on a global scale.

Saudi Arabia indeed has a rich history of hosting successful major events. A prime example is the Winter at Tantora festival, which is an annual cultural festival held in the old town of Al Ula. The festival is the first of its kind in the Kingdom and is a trailblazing festival of culture, art, and music. It features a diverse program of activities and experiences with culture at its core.

The 2026 World Endurance Championship is expected to follow in the footsteps of these successful events. Not only will it showcase the endurance and skill of the competitors, but it will also highlight the cultural heritage and progressive present of Al Ula.

As preparations begin for the 2026 World Endurance Championship, the eyes of the equestrian world will undoubtedly be on Al Ula, eagerly anticipating what promises to be a spectacular event.