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Reviewed April 2024

The popularity of round-the-world flights has been growing among global travelers. These flights offer a convenient single-ticket solution for multiple stops in various destinations worldwide, granting globetrotters increased flexibility to embark on a long and delightful journey, seamlessly hopping from one place to another.

If you’re interested in booking a round-the-world ticket, read on to find more information about how to book one, its requirements, prices, and more.

Around the world tickets 2024

Around-the-world flight tickets are primarily provided by airlines through their airline alliances. Currently, the Star Alliance and the Oneworld Alliance are the two prominent airline alliances recognized for offering round-the-world flights. The SkyTeam alliance does not currently offer this ticket option to its customers.

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How to book around the world tickets?

Although it may initially seem overwhelming, securing a round-the-world flight ticket is a straightforward and uncomplicated process.

Oneworld Alliance


Here are the restrictions on around-the-world flight tickets for Oneworld Alliance customers:

  • the starting and the ending location of the itinerary should be exactly in the same city
  • the total flights must not exceed 16 flights
  • must include flights to at least 3 continents
  • backtracking is prohibited
  • the duration of the trip should be within 12 months
  • must cross the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean

Ticket booking

For booking round-the-world flight tickets with the Oneworld Alliance:

  • visit the official website for booking round-the-world flight tickets
  • choose cities you’d like to travel to using your preferred airlines
  • confirm booking
  • proceed to payment

Alternatively, you can visit Oneworld’s Alliance booking tool, where you can be inspired by their pre-built itineraries or create your own. Simply set the desired dates for your trip, and any scheduling issues will be handled in real-time. Finally, the system will recommend flights for you to review. You can then select the flights that best suit your needs.

Star Alliance


Please refer to the requirements below for Star Alliance’s round-the-world ticket passengers:

  • up to 16 flights are allowed
  • the starting departure city must be the same as the last arrival city
  • can travel for up to a year
  • cross both the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean once
  • have a minimum of 2 stops and a maximum of 15 stops in one itinerary

Ticket booking

To book round-the-world flight tickets with the Star Alliance:

  • visit the official website for booking round-the-world flight tickets
  • start by entering your origin city. Then add destinations by entering the city name or by selecting cities on the map
  • the system will automatically select the flights for each segment. You can select flights from the Star Alliance network that best suit your need
  • enter details such as your contact information and identification documents
  • enter your payment details to finish the transaction

Around the world tickets costs

The pricing of a round-the-world flight ticket will vary based on the flight class selected and the total distance covered in a single-ticket booking. Here are a few examples of prices to provide you with an estimation.

*All prices are for flights departing June 2023; they are accurate at the time of writing.

Oneworld Alliance

Athens – Cairo – Hong Kong – Seoul – Mexico City – Athens: USD 3,107.53

Berlin – Dubai – Singapore – Seoul – Mexico City – Amsterdam – Berlin: USD 4,248.22

Star Alliance

Athens – Cairo – Hong Kong – Chicago – Brasilia – Athens: USD 2,762.54

Berlin – Istanbul – Singapore – Seoul – New York – Berlin: USD 3,222.79


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