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In a significant move, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced new legislation that aims to expand the concept of Canadian citizenship by descent beyond the first generation, as reported by Wego. This move marks a significant departure from existing laws and could profoundly impact Canadians abroad and their descendants.


The proposed law stipulates that individuals born overseas to a Canadian parent who maintains a strong connection to Canada will be eligible for Canadian citizenship once the law is implemented. Furthermore, children born overseas and later adopted by a Canadian parent who was also born outside Canada will be granted immediate citizenship.

A key feature of the new legislation is its capacity to address the situation of the so-called “Lost Canadians” and their descendants. These individuals, as well as anyone born overseas to a Canadian parent in the second or subsequent generations, will be given the chance to regain their citizenship prior to the enactment of the legislation.

This legislative initiative underscores Canada’s commitment to inclusivity and recognition of diverse citizenship backgrounds. It reflects the government’s efforts to modernize citizenship laws, ensuring they align with contemporary notions of identity and belonging. For more information and updates on this pivotal development, please visit the official Canadian government newsroom.

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