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Reviewed March 2024

Navigating the world of visa applications can be a complex journey. One crucial step that often raises questions is the medical examination, a common requirement for long-term stays in many countries. Countries, like Canada, require a medical exam to protect the health and safety of their citizens and residents. This exam helps to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and ensures that expatriates do not place excessive demand on Canada’s health or social services.

Read on as Wego delves deeper into the specifics of the Canada visa medical test, understand its importance, and learn how to navigate this crucial step in your journey towards exploring the Great White North.

Canada visa medical test

Medical tests for Canadian visas, commonly referred to as Immigration Medical Exams (IMEs), are a mandatory requirement for select individuals seeking entry to Canada. These examinations serve the purpose of evaluating the health status of individuals planning to visit or reside in Canada for a specified duration.

However, please note that not all visa applicants are obligated to undergo these medical assessments, as specific criteria and circumstances dictate who should undergo them.

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Canada visa medical test procedure

The Immigration Medical Exams (IME) are not obligatory for individuals visiting Canada for a period of less than six months unless they intend to engage in specific job roles. However, for those with plans to stay in Canada for longer than six months, the medical exam is a requirement if any of the following conditions apply:

  • they have resided or traveled in certain countries or territories for a duration of six months in the year prior to their arrival in Canada
  • they are arriving in Canada to work in a profession where safeguarding public health is essential
  • they are applying for a parent or grandparent super visa

Applicants have the flexibility to initiate the medical exam either before or after submitting their visa application. In cases where the exam is requested after the initial application, clear instructions will be provided on how to proceed with the examination. It is imperative to adhere to these instructions and complete the medical exam within a stipulated 30-day timeframe.

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Required documents

To prepare for the medical exam, it is important to gather the following documents:

  • personal identification: It is highly recommended to bring your passport, although other government-issued identification documents are also acceptable
  • medical reports or test results: Any medical reports or test results pertaining to previous or existing medical conditions should be included
  • list of current medications: Prepare a list of medications you are currently taking
  • eyeglasses or contact lenses: If you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, be sure to bring them
  • IRCC-Issued Medical Report Form (IMM 1017E): If you are not undergoing an upfront medical exam, you must bring the Medical Report form (IMM 1017E) issued by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), which will be sent to you
  • photographs: In cases where the panel physician does not utilize eMedical, you should bring four recent photographs. It is advisable to contact your physician to confirm this requirement

Additionally, although not mandatory, it is encouraged to bring any previous vaccination certificates. In the event that you are referred for X-rays or other tests during the examination, you may be asked to provide identification once again for these specific tests.

Medical check-up process

The medical exam includes several tests. Before you start the medical check-up, you will be asked for your personal identification. If you are referred for an X-ray or other tests, you might be required to show your identification again for the tests. You are allowed to bring a chaperone throughout the medical checkup process.

The process for the medical exam itself includes the following:

Medical questionnaire: You and your doctor must complete a medical questionnaire about your medical history and current medications. Full disclosure is essential to avoid delays in processing your medical exam.

Physical examination: In this process, the medical staff will take a look at the overall condition of your body. The tests include:

  • measuring your height and weight
  • checking your hearing and vision
  • recording your blood pressure
  • assessing your pulse
  • listening to your heart and lungs
  • evaluating your abdomen
  • examining the range of motion in your limbs
  • inspecting your skin

Other possible tests

Depending on your age, specific medical condition, and the findings from the physical examination, you may be required to undergo further testing. These tests typically involve x-rays and laboratory assessments conducted either on-site or at a designated laboratory. In some cases, you may also be referred to a specialist for a more in-depth evaluation.

Canada visa medical test fee

The fee for the medical test varies depending on the panel physician and the specific diagnostic procedures involved. Typically, the cost of the medical test can range from CAD 150 to CAD 280. Prior to undergoing the medical examination, it’s important to inquire about the exact cost from your chosen panel physician.

Canada visa medical test validity

The results of the medical test are valid for a duration of 12 months. If you are a student or worker, your letter of introduction will display the expiration date of your medical test. Additionally, if you do not enter Canada as a visitor, student, or worker within that timeframe, you may be required to undergo another examination.

Canada visa medical test centers

The medical examination must be conducted by panel physicians who have received approval from Canadian immigration authorities. It is important to note that the ultimate decision regarding the medical exam rests with the Immigration authorities, rather than the panel physician.

To discover the locations of Canada visa medical test centers in your country, simply visit Canadian immigration to find the list of approved panel physicians in your specific area.


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