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In a landmark decision that promises to reshape the tourism landscape of the Gulf region, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) leaders have given their official nod to the implementation of the unified GCC visa. The approval was granted during their summit meeting in Doha, Qatar, as reported by Wego.


This groundbreaking decision is set to streamline tourism across the six member states, marking a significant stride towards bolstering regional cooperation. The approved Schengen-style tourist visa, which grants its holder unrestricted access to all GCC countries, empowers interior ministers at member states to implement necessary measures for enforcement.

The introduction of this visa is expected to elevate the Gulf region’s global standing as a premier tourist destination, fostering increased connectivity and integration among nations. The unified tourist visa is anticipated to play a pivotal role in strengthening the desired connectivity and integration among the nations, aligning with the overall goals of the member states.

By facilitating seamless travel, the unified visa is expected to boost the role of tourism as a key economic growth driver for each member state. It is poised to open up new opportunities for investment in the tourism sector, further solidifying the GCC countries’ positions on the global tourism map.

The decision to implement the Gulf Unified Tourist Visa reflects a shared vision among GCC leaders to enhance regional collaboration and stimulate economic growth. This initiative also promotes the Gulf region as a cohesive and attractive destination for international visitors, thereby heralding a new era in Gulf tourism.

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