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Reviewed February 2024

As a Pakistani, it is to be expected that you need to obtain a pre-arranged visa in order to visit Germany. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, applying for a pre-arranged visa can often be challenging. It requires a significant amount of time and effort to navigate through various procedures, particularly in securing a visa application appointment.

To provide you with some convenience, we have compiled a helpful guide below that will assist you in securing an appointment for a Germany visa. Keep reading to learn more.

Germany visa appointment from Pakistan

Acquiring an appointment for a Germany visa is a straightforward process. You can accomplish it independently through online channels or with the assistance of a reliable third party based in Germany, such as an inviting individual or your business partner.

In specific circumstances, it is possible to submit your documents and apply for a Germany visa directly at the embassy in Islamabad without requiring a prior appointment. These circumstances include:

  • in medical emergencies
  • holders of official passports with Note Verbale
  • upon invitation of the German Government or an organization fully funded by Federal funds, such as GI, DAAD, GIZ, etc.

To submit your visa application without a scheduled appointment, you have the option to drop off your documents during the designated hours of any working day, specifically from 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM.

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Germany visa appointment from Pakistan process

Before starting the booking process, it is crucial to identify the specific type of visa you plan to apply for, as the procedure may differ based on the chosen visa category.

If you reside in Sindh or Balochistan, you can schedule an appointment with the German Consulate General in Karachi. However, if you live in other regions, you need to make an appointment with the embassy in Islamabad. It’s worth noting that the Consulate General in Karachi handles appointments exclusively for short-term/Schengen visa applications.

Short-term/Schengen visa

To schedule an appointment for short-term or Schengen visas, you have the flexibility to choose a convenient date and time based on your preferences. Please follow the step-by-step guidelines outlined below:

Long-term visa (Study, work or family reunion)

Booking an appointment directly for a long-term visa application is not available. Instead, you need to register your application, and the Embassy will assign a specific appointment time for you. To complete the registration process, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • visit the German mission website
  • scroll down and click ‘continue’
  • choose the category of visa
  • scroll down again and click ‘New Appointment
  • submit your application details
  • enter captcha verification
  • click ‘submit’

Germany visa appointment from Pakistan cost

It’s worth noting that there are no fees associated with scheduling appointments for a Germany visa application. However, applicants are responsible for paying the standard fees associated with the German visa application itself.

Germany visa appointment from Pakistan location

German Embassy in Islamabad

  • address: P4F3+RM3, Isfahani Rd, Ramna 5 Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
  • contact Number: (051) 2279430
  • working hours: Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday: 8 AM-5 PM; Friday: 8 AM-1 PM. 2 PM-5 PM

German Consulate General in Karachi

  • address: 92/A, Block 5 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600
  • contact Number: (021) 35873782
  • working hours: Monday-Friday: 7.30 AM-4.45 PM


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