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Updated March 2024

Gwadar, a small town in Pakistan, has recently garnered attention due to its strategic location, prompting the Pakistani government to invest in building new transportation infrastructure in the area. Following the construction of a crucial deep-sea port, Gwadar is now preparing to open a brand-new international airport.


The airport is expected to facilitate greater mobility for both people and logistics, connecting Pakistan to neighboring regions such as the Middle East and Central Asia. Read on to learn more about the upcoming airport and how it will improve travel options in the region that Wego gathered for you.

Gwadar Airport in Pakistan

Construction on the New Gwadar International Airport began in October 2019, following the prime minister’s announcement in March of that year. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the airport can handle large planes like the Airbus A380. The project has also created jobs and is expected to boost the local economy by introducing new industries and markets.

Located in Gurandani, 26 KM east of Gwadar City in Balochistan province, the airport covers 4,300 acres and includes a 12,000-feet runway, a passenger terminal building, a cargo terminal, an air traffic control tower, and a parking apron that can accommodate up to 12 aircraft at a time.

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Gwadar Airport code

As per the Pakistan government, the new airport will be coded NGIA.

Gwadar Airport opening date

While no specific opening date has been announced, reports indicate that the airport is slated to become fully operational by next year.

Gwadar Airport flights schedule

The full flight schedule will not be available until the airport opens. We will keep you updated as soon as more information becomes available.

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