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Updated April 2024

As part of the Saudi Vision 2030, the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah aims to enhance the overall experience of visitors and pilgrims looking to travel to the two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah. One such undertaking is the Hajj Expo 2024, set to be held in Jeddah next year.

Wego invites you to read about the Hajj Expo 2024. Keep reading to learn more about the grand expo of the year.

What is Hajj Expo 2024?

The Hajj Expo 2024 is a four-day long event that aspires to establish a strong technology platform that will enhance the pilgrimage experience. It also draws together powerful individuals from around the world to talk about and plan technological developments with rigorous scientific foundations, foresee future pilgrim needs, and create opportunities for partnerships, agreements, and initiatives on a local and international level.

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What did Hajj Expo 2024 focus on?

The Hajj Expo 2024 is be a comprehensive event expected to provide insight into how the Hajj experience will be enhanced in the coming years. Among others, the Hajj Expo 2024 focused on the following:

  • logistics and transportation
  • crowd control operations
  • housing and hospitality services
  • culinary services
  • building and managing services
  • health and safety care

Numerous other events and activities aimed at encouraging a quality culture in the provision of Hajj and Umrah services will also be held. This includes the Islamic Exhibition, the Hajj Hackathon, and the startup area.

When is Hajj Expo 2024?

The Hajj Expo 2024 took place in Jeddah from 26 – 29 Jumada II 1445 corresponding to 08 – 11 January 2024. The dates for Hajj Expo 2025 are yet to be declared.

How can I participate in Hajj Expo 2024?

The Minister of Hajj and Umrah invited those wishing to participate in the Hajj Expo 2024 to book through this link.



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