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Updated November 2023

Every year, millions of Muslims from around the world gather in the holy city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam. For pilgrims in Bangladesh, the journey to Hajj is an important, transformative experience. From the preparations to performing the rituals to returning home, the Hajj pilgrimage is a profound spiritual journey that requires commitment, patience, and devotion.

Bangladeshi pilgrims who wish to make the Hajj booking process less stressful and learn more about the available Hajj packages in Bangladesh are invited to read our article further.

Hajj packages Bangladesh 2024

On Tuesday, the Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB) revealed a new package for individuals opting to perform Hajj under private management next year, setting the minimum cost at BDT 5,89,800. HAAB President M Shahadat Hossain made this announcement during a program held in the city.

Compared to the current year’s minimum cost of BDT 6,72,618, there has been a reduction of BDT 82,818 in the expenses for performing Hajj under private management, according to Hossain. Pilgrims are also required to cover the cost of sacrificial animals, amounting to 800 Riyal.

Pilgrims from Bangladesh can perform Hajj either through the government scheme or with approved private Hajj agents in their cities. However, since the government scheme has a limited quota, Bangladeshi pilgrims may opt to perform Hajj with approved private Hajj tours. You can find the list of approved travel agents in Bangladesh on the official website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

There are various types of packages available to choose from for your Hajj, ranging from the economy package to the 5-star package. The package typically includes airfare, breakfast, transportation, and ziarat.

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Approved Hajj agents in Bangladesh

The following are some of the government-approved Hajj agents in Bangladesh. If you don’t see your city of residence here, please consult the official website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Air Touch Limited
House:24, Naya Paltan, Building Name: N/A, Floor No: 1st Floor,, Road No.: N/A, পল্টন, ঢাকা-1000
[email protected]

Aftab Travels & Tours
House: 70, Building Name: 70, Floor No: 3RD FLOOR, Road No.: PALTAN, পল্টন, ঢাকা-1000
[email protected]

Air Trip International Ltd.
House:67, Building Name: CITY HEART , Floor No: 4, Road No.: VIP ROAD, পল্টন, ঢাকা-1000
[email protected]

Air Bangla International Ltd.
Hotel Golden Inn Building, 336, Station Road, Chittagong.
[email protected]

Air Concern International Limited
House:115-120, Building Name: Adamjee Court (Annex), Floor No: Grand Floor, Road No.: N/A, মতিঝিল, ঢাকা-1000
[email protected]

Akaba Trading Corporation
13-14/1, Mitali Mansion, Zindabazar, Sylhet.
[email protected]

Al-Gazi Travels Ltd.
House:166-167, Building Name: Al – Razi Complex, Floor No: 4th Floor , Road No.: Shaheed Sayed Nazrul, পল্টন, ঢাকা-1000
[email protected]

Hajj packages Bangladesh 2024 price

Prices for 2024 Hajj packages from Bangladesh haven’t been officially announced yet. We will update this article as and when they are announced.

For the previous Hajj season, the expense for a hajj package in Bangladesh offered by both the government and private hajj management amounted to approximately Tk 700,000. However, the total cost, which includes expenses for sacrificial animals, food, and other miscellaneous items, surpassed Tk 800,000 to Tk 850,000.


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