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Reviewed May 2024

As per the regulations governing the Saudi Arabian workforce, it is obligatory for employers to notify the authorities if their foreign employees are found to be absent from work. These reported individuals are referred to as Huroob. 

When an expat is labeled as Huroob, it entails several penalties, including the cancellation of their Iqama status, a ban on working in Saudi Arabia and being prohibited from entering the country on a work visa. Moreover, deportation and other consequences may also apply.

Considering the significant impact of this status, it is crucial to understand the process of checking Huroob status. Continue reading this Wego article to obtain further information about conducting a Huroob status check.

Huroob check

Verifying the Huroob status online is a simple procedure. At present, there are two available methods to determine whether or not you have been assigned a Huroob status.

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Huroob check via MOL website

You can check your Huroob status at the Ministry of Labour (MoL) website by following these steps:

  1. visit the MoL website
  2. insert your border number, residency number and passport number
  3. select your nationality
  4. enter the captcha verification code
  5. click research

Your employment status will appear immediately. If it says that you are absent from work, it means you are a Huroob.

Huroob check via Absher

It is also possible to check your Huroob status through the Absher portal:

  1. visit the Absher website
  2. login to your Absher account
  3. click on ‘more details’ after you are logged in

You should be able to see your employment status. If you discover that you are not enrolled or recognized as an employee, it is possible that you have been assigned a Huroob status. 


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