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Reviewed January 2024

Indian citizens around the world require an Indian passport to travel abroad and as a necessary identification document. The Indian government has digitally streamlined the process of passport application through the use of the Passport Seva portal, which results in faster processing times and deployment of passports. 

Read on as Wego provides information on the expected processing time of your Indian passport application.

India passport processing time

The timeline for obtaining your Indian passport depends strongly on the nature of your application. It can vary substantially depending on your type of passport, whether you apply for a normal or Tatkaal scheme, and whether you require police verification as part of your process.

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Police verification for Indian passport

The process of police verification is an integral part of the Indian passport application procedure. Its purpose is to authenticate the information provided by the applicant and to ensure that there are no potential security risks associated with the application. The necessity of police verification is determined by the Passport Office (PO), depending on whether the application pertains to a new passport issuance or a passport reissue.

Typically, police verification is conducted prior to the issuance of a passport. However, there is an option for applicants to request police verification even after the passport has been issued, particularly through the Tatkaal scheme. The duration of the police verification process varies based on the policies of local authorities in your region. On average, this procedure takes approximately 15 days. For a faster experience, you can utilize the mPassport Police app, which streamlines the process and can lead to completion within as little as 5 days.

There are certain noteworthy exemptions from the standard police verification process. Government employees, for instance, are required to submit an ‘Identity Certificate’ according to Annexure ‘A’ or a ‘No Objection Certificate’ as per Annexure ‘G.’ Likewise, minor applicants who are children of existing passport holders are exempt from the usual police verification process. However, these exceptions are generally subject to the discretion of the local passport office.

India passport processing time for ordinary passport

When applying for a fresh ordinary Indian passport, the processing time is within 30 working days from the date of application submission. This duration does not encompass the time taken for the completion of police verification or the acquisition of the Police Verification Report (PVR).

India passport processing time for official/diplomatic passport

India also issues official or diplomatic passports to its citizens who have been designated as government representatives or diplomats and are obligated to travel abroad for official responsibilities.

Applications for official and diplomatic passports undergo individual processing, with passports being issued within 7 days from the date of application submission.

India passport processing time for the Tatkaal scheme

The Tatkaal scheme offers applicants the option of expediting the passport processing procedure. This scheme allows individuals to receive their passports more swiftly by selecting a post-police verification route.

Passport applications submitted through the Tatkaal scheme are processed within 3 working days from the date of application submission. It’s important to note that to qualify for the Tatkaal scheme, you must provide any 3 (or 2, if you’re a minor) of the specified necessary documents.

For more comprehensive information regarding the Tatkaal scheme, please consult our dedicated article on the subject.

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India passport processing time for renewal

For individuals seeking to renew or re-issue their Indian passport, the application process is designed to be efficient and timely. If there is no requirement for police verification, the processing of these applications will be completed within 7 working days from the date of application submission. However, if the Passport Office deems police verification necessary, the processing timeline might extend to up to 30 working days.

Please note that this duration excludes the time needed for both the police verification process and the acquisition of a Police Verification Report (PVR).

India passport processing time for foreign countries

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) living abroad have the option to apply for fresh passports or renew their existing ones. This service is accessible through Indian embassies or consulates in their respective countries of residence. The processing durations for these applications are contingent upon the specific embassies or consulates.

To provide you with a general overview, here are the anticipated processing times for Indian passports in certain countries:

  • USA: Approximately 3 to 4 weeks under the regular scheme, and 3 to 4 working days under the Tatkaal scheme
  • United Kingdom: Approximately 8 weeks
  • Canada: Around 8 weeks for the standard scheme, and about 1 week under the Tatkaal scheme
  • Australia: An estimated 6 to 8 weeks
  • UAE: Roughly 7 working days for the regular scheme, and about 2 working days under the Tatkaal scheme

India passport processing time for surrender certificate

The Indian government provides surrender certificates for Indian nationals who have the intention of surrendering their Indian passport and formally renouncing their Indian citizenship. This process involves submitting an application through the Passport Seva portal. In instances where police verification is not deemed necessary, the processing time for a surrender certificate application is within 3 working days.


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