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Updated April 2024

Japan, a captivating destination rich in culture and tradition, offers visitors a blend of ancient heritage and modern innovation. From the serene temples of Kyoto to the bustling streets of Tokyo, Japan welcomes travelers with its unique charm and diverse landscapes. Whether you’re exploring historic landmarks, indulging in delicious cuisine, or immersing yourself in the vibrant city life, Japan promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

If you’re a Pakistani looking to travel to Japan, Wego has prepared a definitive breakdown of the Japan visa for Pakistani residents.

Do Pakistani travellers need to apply for Japan visit visa?

Pakistani nationals are required to apply for a tourist visa when visiting Japan. Travellers who wish to travel to Japan can apply for a visit visa at one of the Japanese embassies in Pakistan.

Japan visit visa from Pakistan general requirements

  • original current passport with a minimum of 2 blank pages and a remaining validity period of 8 months minimum.
  • all previous passports, even if expired.
  • original national identification card (CNIC ) with 1 photocopy.
  • B-Form photocopy in case of (minors requesting a Japanese visa from Pakistan).
  • signed visa application form for Japan visa from Pakistan. Japanese embassy personnel will provide you with this form upon your request.
    • minor applicants, visa forms and other supporting forms need to be signed by both parents along with the signature or thumbprint of the minor applicant as it appears on the child’s passport.
  • 4 recent 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm, full-colour borderless photographs with a white background.
    • the applicant’s face must be clearly visible, and photographs may be no older than 3 months.
    • pictures may have a matt or semi-matt finish.
  • hotel booking and reservations. It usually does not need to be paid beforehand and you may modify them later should you need to change your itinerary.
  • return air ticket booking.
    • should you not have a return ticket paid, a temporary reservation that is held for 24-48 hours will do. Make sure to bring a printed copy along.
  • travel itinerary. Download the itinerary form from the Japanese embassy website and fill it in with your day-by-day plan. Make sure to mention where you will stay and which places you plan on visiting.
  • printed original personal bank account 6-month statement. Bank’s name, bank’s telephone number, applicant’s full name, and account number must be clearly visible on the document, which must be printed on bank letterhead, and duly signed and stamped.
  • the minimum closing balance should be around PKR 300,000 per person travelling from Pakistan to Japan. Please consider that suddenly depositing a sum of money to reach the required balance right before the application will go against you. Bank statements should be dated under 7 days prior to the submission date.
  • travellers financing their own trip to Japan may issue their statements themselves. Travellers visiting Japan under sponsorship should bring a statement issued by their sponsor.

Japan visit visa from Pakistan additional documents

Employed Pakistani nationals

The following documentation must be provided when applying for a Japanese visa if you are currently employed in Pakistan by a third party or business:

  • signed letter from the employer, verifying your occupation, stating your position, designation, NIC number, salary and how long you have been working there.
  • signed “No objection” certificate or leave permit letter from your employer stating that your vacation dates have been approved and that they have no issues with you temporarily leaving the country.
  • this document must be printed on the company letterhead and also mention the length and dates your leave is authorized for.
  • original salary slips from the last 3 months prior to your trip.
  • personal income tax returns for the last 3 assessment years or tax deduction certificate.
  • visiting or business card & employee ID card copy.

Self-employed Pakistani nationals

When applying for a visa, you will be required to provide the following paperwork if you are a self-employed professional or businessman in Pakistan who wishes to travel to Japan:

  • personal income tax returns for the last 3 years.
  • company income tax returns for the last 3 years in the event that personal and company taxes were filed separately.
  • aside from the personal bank account statement as mentioned above, you will also be required to present the original company bank account statement for the last 6 months.
  • bank’s name, bank’s telephone number, applicant’s full name and account number must be clearly visible on the document, which must be printed on bank letterhead, and duly signed and stamped.
  • company Registration Certificate or Certificate of Incorporation, whichever is applicable.
  • if the applicant is the business proprietor or a partner: Proof of Proprietorship or Partnership.
  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate, if applicable.

Pakistani students

When applying for a Japanese visa, Pakistani nationals who are currently enrolled as students at recognized educational institutions must also show the following documents:

  • student ID Card with 1 photocopy.
  • leave permit letter printed on school or college letterhead, duly stamped and signed by academic authorities.
  • if a student is a minor travelling unaccompanied or with only one parent, then they are also required to have either both parents or the non-accompanying parent issue and sign a “No objection” certificate, attested by a public notary accompanied by a photocopy of the parent’s ID card or passport.

Retired Pakistani

If retired Pakistani passport holders wanted to visit Japan, they would need the additional paperwork listed below:

  • photocopy of retirement order or relieving letter.
  • photocopy of discharge book.
  • photocopy of pension book, if applicable.

Pakistani families travelling together to Japan

You might be requested to submit the following extra documents if you’re going from Pakistan to Japan with your spouse or family members:

  • Official Family Registration Certificate.
  • Marriage Registration Certificate.

Japan visit visa from Pakistan price

A single-entry visa costs about JPY 3,000  (PKR 5,521) and a multiple-entry or double-entry visa costs about JPY 6,000 (PKR 11,043)

Japan visit visa application

In order to apply for a Japanese visa in Pakistan, you must acquire the specific documents listed above and submit them at the embassy in either Karachi or Islamabad. Each applicant may submit the preceding personal documents on behalf of the entire group if travelling with a spouse or family. The embassy may, in exceptional cases, request an application interview.

You may apply for your Japan visit visa at one of the Japanese embassies below:

  1. Japanese Embassy in Karachi, Pakistan: 6/2 Civil Lines, Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi, 75530. Phone number 0213-5220800.
  2. Japanese Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan: 53-70, Ramna 5/4, Diplomatic Enclave 1, Islamabad 44000. Phone number 051-9072500

The embassies are open from 2:30 to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday, from 10 to 12. However, document submissions are only available in the morning, so be sure to arrive before noon.

Please be aware that the embassies often won’t provide a reason for rejecting your application for a Japan visa. If such is the case, you have six months of waiting period before reapplying.


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