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Updated 22 August 2022

The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj & Umrah has confirmed that one million pilgrims will be allowed to perform the Hajj this year. The allocation of the Hajj slots is divided into two categories; international pilgrims and local pilgrims.   

The bulk of the allocation will go to international pilgrims with 850,000 slots while those who are looking to perform the local Hajj 2022 are provided with 150,000 slots. 

Here’s everything you need to know about local hajj 2022 for both Saudi nationals and expatriate residents. 

Is the local Hajj 2022 registration open?

No. According to the Ministry of Hajj & Umrah, the start of the local hajj registration for domestic pilgrims for Hajj 2022 for the e-Draw has now been closed.

The results for the online e-Draw have been announced on 15 June 2022.

However, Saudi Arabia will open the application for domestic Hajj on the first day of September 2022. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will also introduce “Economic 2”, which will include housing outside Mina for Hajj pilgrims to choose for their Hajj pilgrimage.

All pilgrims can register for the facility directly with 25% of the seats reserved for pilgrims aged over 65 years.

In order to make the reservation, pilgrims will be required to pay the prescribed fees before December 24th 2022. The payment will need to be done within 72 hours of registration.

How do I register for the local Hajj 2022?

The registration process will be similar to the previous years, and you will be able to register for the local Hajj online through: You can also register through the Eatmarna App (Android, iOS), available on all smartphones.

You can register yourself by following the procedure mentioned below:

  • select ‘Register’
  • provide your name, Iqama number, and date of birth
  • confirm  your city of residence 
  • provide your phone number and verify it
  • complete your registration

You can add only 4 companions, other than the dependents. The number of companions and dependents is indefinite. You will be allowed to modify the following aspects of your Hajj application on the Eatmarna app within 9 days of registration:

  • adding or removing companions
  • adding or removing services (sacrifices)
  •  adding selected packages

Please note that a successful registration does not guarantee a slot for the local Hajj. The decision of whether or not you qualify is solely under the discretion of the Saudi Ministry of Hajj & Umrah.

If you wish to cancel your Hajj permit and reservation, you can do so via the online platform, the technical support number: 920026265 or even the Eatmarna app. For this, you will need to submit a request for refund, then select your bank and enter the IBAN. Once the request is reviewed, your refund will be processed within 7 working days.

You will not receive a refund if you cancel the Hajj permit without cancelling the reservation after successfully being nominated for Hajj and receiving a text message after completing the payment process. Any delay in cancelling the reservation after revoking the Hajj permit will have financial consequences.

Local hajj 2022 announcement

The announcement for the local Hajj 2022 was published on June 15, 2022. An SMS has been sent to qualified pilgrims who have completed the necessary payment for their Hajj registration. Those who were not selected via the electronic lottery will have a chance in the next count when alternative or additional places become available.

Transport facilities

The head of the Coordinating Council of Companies and Establishments for Domestic Pilgrims has stated that domestic pilgrims will be provided with the facility to travel via Mashair Train between the Holy Sites of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah during the Hajj pilgrimage.

In addition, The transport authority for Makkah City and the Holy Sites has announced the operation of six bus routes during this year’s Hajj season. These six routes (routes 12, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5) will continue to operate in the city and facilitate the transfer of pilgrims from outside Makkah, whose vehicles are not permitted to enter the holy sites.

What are the requirements for the local Hajj 2022?

Saudi citizens and residents who are under 65 years of age wishing to perform the local Hajj 2022 are required to complete three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Do I need a permit to perform the local Hajj 2022?

If your Hajj registration process is successful and the Saudi government has allowed you to participate in the local Hajj this year, you would then need to apply for a Hajj permit. To obtain one, please follow the steps below.

  • go to the Absher portal
  • log in to the service
  • enter your civil registration number, date of birth, and select ‘Issuing Hajj Permits’
  • if everything is in order, you will have the option of downloading and printing your Hajj permit

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