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Updated December 2022

Umrah for local pilgrims was continued by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah at the start of Muharram 1444. Any fit and healthy Muslim who has the economic means to do so is welcome to perform the Umrah in order to win Allah’s blessings and favour, as it is a brief and optional pilgrimage. Below, we have gathered all the information that you need about the local umrah in 2023. Read further to know more.

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Local Umrah 2023 news

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah reopened the Umrah for local pilgrims on 1 Muharram 1444 or on 30 July 2022. According to the General Presidency for Affairs of the Two Mosques, the preparations for Umrah rituals organized through the mobile app “Eatmarna” have been completed, and local pilgrims can now register for their Umrah permits.

How do I register for the local Umrah 2023?

Local pilgrims can book an Umrah appointment/permit through the Eatmarna application as stated in these steps:

1. Click on the “Umrah” option
2. Select the time and date for your Umrah appointment
3. Select the assembly point
4. Submit your request

Local Umrah 2023 requirements

While there’s no information about the requirements for the local Umrah, below we have gathered the latest Umrah requirements as per the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

Umrah vaccine requirements

Saudi citizens and residents who are under 65 years of age wishing to perform the local Umrah 2022 are required to complete three doses of the approved COVID-19 vaccine in KSA:

  • Moderna
  • Pfizer/BioNTech
  • Janssen
  • Oxford/AstraZeneca

Social distancing and mask-wearing

The Hajj and Umrah authorities have lifted the social distancing measures in the Grand Holy Mosque, the Prophet’s Holy Mosque and all other mosques. Note that mask-wearing, though not required outdoors, is still required to be worn inside mosques and other indoor facilities.

Do I need a permit to perform local Umrah in 2023?

While entry to the Grand Mosque no longer requires a permit, Umrah pilgrims still require a permit to perform Umrah and pray in the Holy Rawdah, the chamber where Prophet Mohammed is buried.

All pilgrims can issue their permits on the Tawakkalna or Eatmarna app. Additionally, pilgrims may also identify the most suitable time to perform Umrah based on the crowd percentage and time of day.

In order to be considered immune you must be either:

  • fully vaccinated by one of the vaccines approved in the Kingdom, or;
  • fully vaccinated by one of the vaccines approved by WHO but not approved in the Kingdom and have received a booster dose from one of the vaccines approved in the Kingdom

Please note that the Umrah permit will be immediately cancelled if:

  • The individual is infected with COVID-19
  • The individual had been in contact with an infected person
  • The visa holder does not enter the KSA 6 hours before the Umrah booking date

Local Umrah 2023 packages

A typical Umrah package typically includes a 7–14 day journey via Madinah and Makkah. The schedule for a 7-day package includes stays of 4 nights in Makkah and 3 nights in Madinah, accordingly. Typically, a 14-day Umrah package includes 4 nights in Madinah and 8 nights in Makkah.

A recognized travel agency often provides both individual and group packages. There are other packages that require you to stay in a room with other pilgrims. A normal Umrah package will also typically include transportation. When pilgrims arrive at the airport, they will be taken to their accommodations so they can easily visit the holy sites as needed.

In Saudi Arabia, the average price of a local Umrah package is around SAR 3,000 with some of the more deluxe packages costing as high as SAR 4,550, and VIP packages which would cost around SAR 5,450.


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