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Updated June 2024

Many pilgrims worldwide are looking forward to the Hajj, as the next peak season will return this year. The Saudi government has announced the lifting of the restrictions on Hajj pilgrim numbers, which means that in terms of volume, this year’s Hajj has returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Below, Wego has gathered information concerning the Hajj permit. Read further to know more.

Hajj 2024 news & updates

The Directorate of Public Security of Saudi Arabia has taken significant steps to enhance the organization and safety of this year’s Hajj pilgrimage. As reported by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) on Saturday, May 4, stringent regulations have been implemented to govern the entry of pilgrims into Makkah.

One of the key updates is the requirement for Saudi residents to obtain a permit before entering Makkah. This measure aims to streamline the Hajj process and ensure the safety and security of all pilgrims undertaking this sacred journey.

According to the new regulations, residents must possess specific permits to gain entry into Makkah. These permits include a permit to work in the holy sites issued by the competent authority, a resident Makkah ID, a valid Umrah permit, or a valid Hajj permit.

Residents who do not possess the necessary permits will be denied entry at security control centers leading to Makkah and directed to return to their point of origin, as outlined by the SPA.

What is a Hajj permit?

A Hajj permit is a document issued by the government of Saudi Arabia that allows pilgrims to perform the Hajj in the holy sites. The permit is required for all pilgrims and is only issued to individuals who meet certain criteria.

Anyone attempting to perform the Hajj without a permit will face a fine of USD 13,331 or SAR 50,000. Additionally, violators may face deportation and be banned from future travel to Saudi Arabia.

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All pilgrims can obtain their Hajj permit through the Absher portal with these easy steps below:

  • go to the Absher portal
  • enter your civil registration number and date of birth, and select ‘Issuing Hajj Permits’
  • if everything is in order, you will have the option of downloading and printing your Hajj permit

Individuals have the option to inquire about and print their Hajj permits both before and after logging into the Absher portal.

Another approach is to log in to the Nusuk platform and print your Hajj permit.

How to check your Hajj permit status?

You can check your Hajj 2024 permit status by accessing the Absher portal:

  1. Navigate to the homepage and choose the “Inquiry about Hajj Permit” option listed under Public Services.
  2. Input your Iqama number and date of birth.
  3. Click on the “Check Hajj Permit Status” button. Once done, you’ll be able to view your Hajj permit status on the subsequent page.

How much is a Hajj permit fee?

The Hajj permit is free of charge for all pilgrims. Pilgrims only need to pay the Hajj package fee.


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