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Updated January 2024

Travelling to the Philippines requires passengers to submit essential documents, providing details of their stay and health conditions.  

While the One Health Pass used to be an important travel requisite for the Philippines, this requirement has been removed by the country. Here is everything you should know about One Health Pass in the Philippines.

Please note: The Philippine government has announced that One Health Pass no longer applies in lieu of the eTravel card. The authorities have mandated all arriving passengers to the country to fill out the eTravel card before boarding any flight to the Philippines.

eTravel Card replaces One Health Pass

The electronic Travel Card or eTravel Card has officially replaced the One Health Pass (OHP) as an entry requirement for arrival in the Philippines. This new card is easier to fill out and requires less information, in line with a decision by Philippine health authorities to simplify the arrival process.

All incoming travellers are required to register individually to the eTravel platform and show proof of eTravel registration upon check-in/boarding and on arrival in the Philippines. To register, travellers are required to provide basic biographical information, travel details and health declarations, including vaccination details.

If you are unable to do so before departure, personnel from the Philippine Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) and airport staff will assist you in completing and uploading the card upon your arrival in the Philippines.

Please refer to our eTravel Card article below for the latest development.

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