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Updated March 2024

Aiming to provide enhanced convenience and accessibility, NADRA launched the Digital Power of Attorney Service for overseas Pakistanis. With the help of this service, Pakistanis living abroad can efficiently process their legal documents online. This cutting-edge solution demonstrates NADRA’s commitment to fostering efficiency and ease in essential legal transactions.

Read on as Wego provides a comprehensive guide to using the newly launched Digital Power of Attorney service.

What is an online Power of Attorney in Pakistan?

NADRA has recently introduced the Digital Power of Attorney service, catering to the needs of overseas Pakistanis seeking to grant Power of Attorney to individuals residing in Pakistan. This innovative service streamlines the application procedure for the Power of Attorney, eliminating the necessity for overseas Pakistanis to physically visit the Pakistan Mission.

Overseas Pakistanis can now easily obtain their Power of Attorney online through the NADRA PoA portal, providing a more convenient and accessible option to create this legal document.

Please note that this online service is only available for Pakistani citizens who are residing overseas.

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Online Power of Attorney requirements

The following are the documents that need to be prepared by the applicants to apply for the online Power of Attorney:

  • valid Identity document of executor (s), witnesses and Attorney, including CNIC / NICOP / POC (both front and sides).
  • valid email address of the executor (s).
  • biometrics of executor(s) and 2x witnesses (Best 4 fingers).
  • contact number and mailing address in the country of application (outside of Pakistan).
  • credit card/debit card for the online fee payment.
  • scanned copy of the original Power of Attorney with signature and thumb impressions of executants(s) and witnesses and a photo of executant affixed on it.
  • details of the Attorney and witnesses.
  • other relevant documents, for instance, an Affidavit, where applicable, must be uploaded to the PoA system by the applicant.

Please note that if the applicant is a foreign national, they must physically visit the relevant Pakistan Mission Abroad following the attesting of their documents by the State Department or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their home country. Moreover, executors are responsible for selecting their designated Pakistan Foreign Mission during the application process to prevent misrouting and potential rejection.

How to apply for the online Power of Attorney?

To apply for the online Power of Attorney, applicants must go through the following steps:

  • visit the NADRA PoA online portal.
  • create an account using a valid email address.
  • log in to your account.
  • upload the details of the Executor, attorney, and witnesses along with the other required documents.
  • download the following fingerprint forms for Biometric Verification.
  • upload the scanned paper-based fingerprints of the applicant (s) and witnesses.
  • pay the payment fee using a debit/credit card.
  • after the verification, the Consular Officer will schedule an online interview.
  • the approval of the application will be notified via email.

After you receive the approval email, you must provide this final consent within 15 days. You will be informed to print the receipt details, including case ID, the details of the applicant (s), witness, and attorney, along with details of the official approving case officer and more.

For more information regarding the application process, please visit the NADRA POA official website.

Online Power of Attorney fee

The cost for the online Power Attorney varies based on the number of executors. Given below are the details of the Digital Power of Attorney fee:

  • up to 5 executors: USD 36
  • 6 executors: USD 42
  • 7 executors USD 48
  • 8 executors: USD 54
  • 9 executors: USD 60
  • 10 executors: USD 66
  • 11 executors: USD 72
  • 12 executors: USD 78
  • 13 executors: USD 84
  • 14 executors: USD 90
  • 15 executors: USD 96
  • 16 executors: USD102
  • 17 executors: USD 108
  • 18 executors: USD 114
  • 19 executors: USD 120
  • 20 executors: USD 126


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