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Updated 28 October 2022

With a considerable decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases around the world and the ongoing roll-out of Qatar’s National Covid-19 Vaccination Program, Qatar’s Ministry of Heath will be scrapping the pre-arrival Covid testing requirements for all travellers to the country, starting 1 November 2022. Furthermore, visitors entering Qatar will also not be required to pre-register on the Ehteraz health application prior to arrival.

Please note that starting 1 November 2022, Qatar’s health ministry will be dropping the requirement for adults to show their Covid-19 status on a government-run contact tracing Ehteraz application, before entering stadiums or other establishments like shops and restaurants. However, visitors and residents will still be required to show the application before entering a healthcare facility.

Who is required to pre-register on Ehteraz?

According to the Ministry of Public Health – Qatar, as of now, all categories of travellers to Qatar (except GCC nationals and residents) are obligated to pre-register themselves in the pre-entry online registration system through the Ehteraz government website at least three (3) days before arrival.  Furthermore, all relevant documents must be uploaded including certificates of COVID-19 vaccination or recovery.​

Additionally, they must also download the Ehteraz mobile app and activate it on their mobile phones using a local or international SIM card. ​GCC nationals and residents must download the Ehteraz mobile app and activate it on their mobile phones using a local or international SIM card, noting that they are excluded from the pre-entry online registration.

Please note that FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 visitors who hold Hayya Cards are excluded from the pre-entry online registration requirement on the Ehteraz website.

The Ehteraz platform is designed to safeguard public health by tracking the transmission chains of the spread of the coronavirus in Qatar. It provides users with accurate information and assists health authorities in providing health care when necessary.

Important note: The Ehteraz online platform is not to be confused with the Ehteraz mobile app, which is a different service to be used from within Qatar.

Ehteraz pre-registration requirements and process

Preparing required documents

Prior to registering, keep the following documents handy:

  • passport copy
  • certified vaccination certificate
  • hotel quarantine reservation for unvaccinated individuals or those coming from high-risk countries. Those applying for VOA and are nationals of Iran, India or Pakistan will be required to have a hotel booking through ‘Discover Qatar’ for the duration of their stay.
  • confirmed return ticket
  • copy of a valid bank statement for the last 3 months for applicants from India, Pakistan, and Iran. You will need to show a minimum balance of QR 5,000

You may also need copies of the entry and exit stamps on your passport from the last departure country wherever applicable.

Ehteraz registration process

Once you have all the necessary documents ready, irrespective of your nationality, whether you are a resident or a visitor, you should complete registration prior to arrival in Qatar.  

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Registration is a relatively simple process. You only need to visit the Ehteraz portal and do the following:

  • create a new user account by filling in the required information, and then clicking on “Signup”.
  • log in to the platform by entering your email, password and captcha
  • select ‘submit new application’ and fill in the required information which includes the date of arrival and number
    • for Qatari nationals and residents, their QID number will be requested
    • for GCC citizens, their passport numbers will be requested
    • for visitors, their visa and passport numbers will be requested
  • enter the following health information:
    • type of vaccine and date of the last dose
    • date of last COVID-19 infection for recovered travellers
  • upload the following attachments:
    • copy of passport
    • copy of certified vaccination certificate
    • copy of hotel quarantine reservation for unvaccinated individuals or those coming from high-risk countries
    • any other required attachments
  • review the information and make sure it is accurate before sending it
  • submit your request

After submitting the application, applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application via email. Additionally, any changes required to be made will be intimated by e-mail.

Once you have successfully submitted all the required documents and received approval, you can then take a print-out copy of the pre-travel approval from your registered e-mail.

How long will the Ehteraz pre-registration approval take?

The process typically takes about three days to complete. However, there have been reports of applicants receiving Ehteraz approval in well over a week.

When is the best time to register on Ehteraz?

The official rules state that travellers must submit the application at least 3 days prior to the date of travel. However, we recommend pre-registering on Ehteraz seven days before your flight and contacting the Ministry of Public Health regularly to receive the latest update on your application.

Contacting Ehteraz

From within Qatar, you can reach the MoPH helpline at 1600 and technical assistance at 109.

If you’re outside of Qatar, you may contact +974 4406 9963 and +974 4406 9999.

You can also send inquiries through email at [email protected]

How much does registration cost?

The pre-arrival registration services for Qatar are available for free for everyone. 


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