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Updated February 2024

The Middle East has long been a fascinating destination for travellers worldwide, particularly for students seeking educational opportunities in Qatar. The vibrant cultural heritage, welcoming locals, and modern infrastructure make Qatar an appealing choice for higher education. 

If you are a student aspiring to study in Qatar, here Wego provides a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the Qatar student visa application process, including the required documents, detailed procedures, guidelines, and how to apply.

Qatar student visa

The student visa in Qatar offers individuals from foreign countries the opportunity to temporarily immigrate to Qatar for the purpose of pursuing a course of study.

With a study visa, individuals can reside and work (within certain limitations) in Qatar for the duration of their academic program. This allows them to sustain themselves financially and support any dependents they may have while completing their studies.

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Qatar student visa requirements 

Documents required while applying for a Qatar student visa include a letter of confirmation from the respective college, passport (valid for six months after completion of studies), financial documents proving ability to pay student fees and a health check report (blood test, chest X-ray, HIV test).

The following conditions apply if you are applying to study at Qatar University:

  • online application confirmation page, which should be printed on paper at the end of applying online 
  • applicant’s passport copy, valid minimum for one year; 
  • affidavit of Financial Sponsor to bear the costs of study at the university. The financial sponsor must be a third party. The students are not allowed to sponsor themselves.
  • copy of passport / Qatar ID card of the financial sponsor
  • financial documents that reflect the financial capacity of the sponsor to bear the financial expenses (study, living, etc.) of the student during his study at the university:
    • if the financial sponsor lives in Qatar, the student should submit a “Bank Guarantee” issued by a Qatar local bank in favour of Qatar University in the amount of QAR 20,000 (USD 5,470), valid for Five years for (Undergraduate & PhD Applicants), Three years for (Masters Applicants) and One year for (ANNS Applicants).
    • if the financial sponsor is from outside Qatar, the student should submit the financial sponsor’s bank account statement six months before submitting the visa request. This document should reflect the financial capacity of the sponsor to bear the financial expenses (study, living, etc.) of the student during his study at the university:
  • Health Evaluation Form: This form should be signed by a Medical Clinic/Hospital in the applicant’s country. This Health Evaluation form is acceptable only for applicants from outside Qatar who do not have a Qatar residence permit and are applying for a QU visa application.
  • certificate of Good Conduct or Criminal Clearance issued by the authority in charge of the student’s residence country.
  • approval letter from the student’s parent or guardian to enrol on the university to study and obtain a residence permit under QU residence sponsorship. (for Bachelor’s Degree students only).
  • complete the Student Declaration Form

Qatar student visa application

To apply for a Qatar student visa:

  • visit the nearest Embassy of Qatar
  • ask for the visa application form
  • fill out the visa application form
  • download the template of documents and fill them
  • attach all the required documents to the visa application form
  • submit the documents and visa application form to the embassy

If you are applying for a student visa after being granted admission into Qatar University:

  • fill out the online application on the Qatar University website
  • select the Admissions option and then select the student visa option
  • then click on ‘Apply for student visa.’
  • download templates of necessary documents and fill them up. These include:
  • fill out the application form and upload all the necessary documents
  • once done, click ‘Submit.’
  • track the status of your visa application.

Qatar student visa price

Applying for a Qatar student visa is free, and no fee must be paid. However, the applicant must ensure they have the necessary documents to prove sufficient funds to cover the college admission fee.

Qatar student visa processing time 

The turnaround time for a Qatar student visa typically takes 72 hours.



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