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Updated 23 September 2022

Travellers from all around the world are now welcome in Qatar. If Qatar is on your itinerary for a transit, here is everything you need to know about the Qatar transit visa, requirements, cost, status check, and more.

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Please note: Effective 1 November 2022, the authorities in Qatar have announced the suspension of entry for visitors into the country until 23 December 2022. Only Hayya Card holders, Qatari citizens, residents and GCC citizens holding a Qatari ID card, holders of personal visas, work entry permits, and approved humanitarian cases will be allowed entry during this period. 

Do I need a visa to transit to Qatar?

If you are not planning to exit the airport during your transit duration, you are not required to obtain a transit visa. However, if you would like to exit the airport and explore Qatar within your transit duration, you are obliged to obtain a transit visa.

Please note that the Qatar transit visa is suspended until further notice, and no visa is required to transit in airports in Qatar. However, if you wish to explore Qatar during your transit, you can apply for a visa on arrival as an alternative.

How can I get a transit visa in Qatar?

You can apply for your Qatar transit visa at least seven days or a maximum of 90 days before your arrival in Qatar. You can apply at the nearest Qatar Airways ticketing office along with your passport to process your visa application. After you applied for your transit visa, you can check the status of your transit visa application by sending an e-mail to Qatar Airways at [email protected]

You can also apply for a Qatar transit visa online on the Qatar Airways website, but the service is currently suspended.

Qatar transit visa requirements

Below are the requirements of a Qatar transit visa:

  1. Passengers must hold a confirmed Qatar Airways ticket for flights into and out of Qatar and both flights must be operated by Qatar Airways.
  2. A passport valid for a minimum of six months from the time of arrival in Qatar
  3. Passenger’s name must match their name on the passport.

Qatar transit visa validity

The validity of a Qatar transit visa is up to 96 hours or 4 days from the time of issuance. Extension of the transit visa is not permitted.

Qatar transit visa fee

Qatar transit visa fee is obtained free of charge.


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