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Updated January 2024

Kuwait is a captivating country renowned for its splendid cultural heritage and remarkable architectural landmarks. It is highly regarded as a prominent tourist destination and a key transit hub for travelers continuing their onward journeys. If you plan to travel to and have a layover in Kuwait, it is essential to acquire either a Kuwait transit visa in the form of a Kuwait visit visa.

In this article, Wego provides you with the details you need to know in order to obtain a Kuwait transit visa.

Do you need a Kuwait transit visa?

If you are staying inside the airport and you have a confirmed onward flight ticket to a third country that will depart in 24 hours, you are not required to get a transit visa for Kuwait.

If you plan to leave the airport, you can apply for an online tourist visa (e-Visa). Keep in mind that there are currently only a handful of countries allowed to apply for Kuwait e-Visa. Citizens from some countries can also get a Kuwait visa on arrival. Otherwise you can inquire about getting a transit visa at a Port Authority or Kuwait embassy or consulate in your country.

Only citizens of the GCC countries are exempt from the requirement of a visa to enter Kuwait.

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Kuwait transit visa (online visa) application

Eligible travellers having a layover in Kuwait can apply for this visa online through the Kuwait Ministry of Interior’s e-visa website. 

To learn more about applying for Kuwait visa online, we recommend going through our dedicated article on the topic.

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