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In a recent report by Wego, the Oman-based budget airline SalamAir announced the addition of Tirana, the capital of Albania, to its list of destinations starting 17 June 2024.


Tirana, known for its rich culture, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality, is an attractive destination for those seeking a mix of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion. The city offers a variety of experiences, from bustling streets and historic landmarks to scenic mountains and beaches, catering to diverse travel preferences.

The introduction of this new connection between Muscat and Tirana is a significant step for SalamAir, linking two cities with rich cultural heritage. The expansion of this route, along with the earlier announced additions of destinations like Baku and Almaty, enhances SalamAir’s summer travel offerings and provides passengers with the opportunity to explore the beauty of Albania.

SalamAir to Return to Almaty & Baku in Summer 2024


Scheduled departures for flights to Tirana are set for Mondays and Thursdays, catering to the convenience of both leisure and business travelers. SalamAir remains committed to offering competitive fares and quality service, maintaining its popularity among travelers seeking budget-friendly exploration of new destinations.