Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has designated 11 March as the date to celebrate National Flag Day, as a symbol of honour for the Kingdom’s national banner.

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What is Saudi Flag Day?

Saudi Flag Day is a day when all Saudi Arabians celebrate the significant meaning of the Saudi flag. The day was chosen to commemorate the day that the late King Abdulaziz Al Saud gave his approval for the flag to serve as the Kingdom’s symbol.

The value of the national flag extends throughout the history of the Saudi state, since its founding in 1139 AH – 1727 AD, which bears the Islamic declaration of faith in the middle, symbolizing the message of peace, and the religion of Islam, on which this blessed state was based.

Saudi Flag Day 2025 date

Saudi Arabia marked Flag Day on 11 March.

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Saudi Flag Day 2025 public holiday

As of right now, Saudi Flag Day has not been declared a public or private holiday. Unless the government announces differently, employees are still expected to report to work.


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