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Updated February 2024

Saudi Arabia is currently undertaking an ultra-luxurious tourism project dubbed Sindalah Island, which is slated for a 2024 opening. The Sindalah project is being carried out as part of the ambitious NEOM smart city project, which is in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.

Here’s everything Wego knows about the luxurious island resort thus far. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Sindalah Island?

Sindalah Island aims to compete with renowned global tourist destinations like Monaco and Athens by providing a year-round luxury experience. On the island, visitors can anticipate a world-class yachting hub designed by a celebrated Italian designer, three exceptionally luxurious hotels, a golf course, an assortment of dining establishments, and an international luxury shopping district known as ‘The Village,’ featuring 51 high-end retail stores.

Upon its opening, the island intends to stand as a formidable competitor to leading global tourist destinations such as Monaco and Athens, offering year-round luxury experiences and establishing itself as a premier destination for yachting and gourmet cuisine.

Sindalah Island news

NEOM will open a contemporary beach club on Sindalah in partnership with kingdom’s music entertainment company, MDLBEAST. Guests can indulge themselves in premium experiences all year round at the Sindalah Beach Club. Although the most intricate details are being kept under wraps, you can expect the music scene at Sindalah to feature renowned musicians, artists, and DJs. Just like the rest of the island, expect to be transported into a futuristic lush musical space when you get to step inside the Sindalah Beach Club some time soon in 2024.

What facilities will Sindalah Island have?

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Sindalah will offer 413 ultra-premium hotel rooms in addition to 333 top-end serviced apartments. Moreover, there will also be 51 luxury retail outlets. Visitors also can expect luxury spas, 86 piers and over 50 luxury brands on the island.

Additionally, Sindalah is set to become a popular golfing destination by providing aficionados with a world-class 6,474-yard (5,920-meter) par 70 course. The Sindalah golf course will offer two nine-hole experiences thanks to its 18 tees. Sindalah will also offer a 280-meter golf cart path, using cutting-edge technology for tracking golf balls and recording players’ statistical data.

The new island will be home to around 40 restaurants, including nine casual eateries and nine fine-dining spots. Additionally, there will be a yacht club and a beach club. The project also aims to become a yachting destination with 75 offshore buoys and a range of under-the-sea activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and scuba diving.

What’s unique about Sindalah Island?

The Sindalah Island, like other postcard initiatives across the Kingdom, intends to have no cars and even no roads because the goal is to have all of the vital services and amenities that people require within a five-minute walk. There will be no roads or automobiles.

Moreover, the public realm strategy will focus on encouraging social interaction, inspiring views, and incredible experiences, all while being backed by cutting-edge technology. Interestingly, the island is shaped like a seahorse, which is a perfect metaphor because the island, like that creature, is superbly unique and different.


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