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Ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night in a rainforest? Fancy snorkeling with the infamous piranhas or be a zookeeper for a day? Well, wonder no more as The Green Planet, Dubai’s only indoor rainforest, is offering visitors the chance to do just that along with numerous other eye-opening activities.

So pack up your mosquito repellent and prepare for an immersion in the tropics at Dubai’s very own The Green Planet!

The massive indoor jungle


The Green Planet is in actuality a four-tiered eco-biodome with each tier representing the uniqueness of the tropical rainforest by way of its lush vegetation and fauna. From the very bottom, the tiers are the Flooded Rainforest, Forest Floor, Midstory, and the Canopy.

The Flooded Forest is where you can observe the spotted motoro rays native to South America along with the archerfish with its water sharpshooting skills disorienting their prey. 

On the Forest Floor, leafcutter ants strive for the survival of their colony, while the nocturnal sugar gliders leap and glide from tree to tree. Moving up to the Midstory, parrots, squirrel monkeys and the emerald tree boa make their home here.

While the zenith of the bio-dome, the canopy, is the domain of the sloth and the horde of bats hanging idly in their caves.      

The rainforest experience


The Green Planet Dubai offers an immersion in the tropics with its 3,000 types of plants along with scores of exotic animals. The available experiences naturally revolve around the diverse flora and fauna being housed here, and there’s more to do here than just simply observing the sights and sounds of the near-authentic tropical rainforest.

Snorkeling with piranhas!


Did you know that despite their flesh-eating reputation, there is such thing as vegetarian piranhas? The ones in the Green Planet Dubai, however, are of the carnivorous kind and you’re invited to join them in the waters and feed them!

Don’t worry though, the resident experts will provide you with the necessary gears and equipment to keep the experience educational, fun and safe.   

Camping in the rainforest     

Visitors are welcome to secure a booking in advance to access the bio-dome’s natural wonders from 7 PM until 8 AM the next morning by spending the night at a comfortable tent. Available on Thursdays and Fridays, the experience is available for parties of two and four. Experience an enchanting night in the forest accompanied by its inhabitants. The experience is being offered for AED 700 for a party of 2 and AED 1,200 four a party of four.

Be a zookeeper for a day


If you dream of being surrounded by furry animals, the Green Planet Dubai is willing and able to grant your wish for a full day and embark on an adventure of a lifetime! 

Being a zookeeper allows you to do all sorts of neat things, like exploring the scary bat cave, feeding the piranhas and even be a shadow biologist for a day! Some of the most notable experiences of being a zookeeper are transitioning animals into the bio-dome, preparing animal program containers, assisting the maintenance team and even preparing and feeding the animals themselves!

You can enjoy this eye-opening experience for AED 390 per person.

Opening hour and tickets

The Green Planet Dubai opens its gates to visitors from Sunday – Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM. The entry fee varies depending on your method of purchase. If you acquire your tickets online, a day pass is priced at AED 89 as opposed to AED 120. Additionally, healthcare workers and teachers may be granted special discounts and other perks.

Please consult the latest prices and offerings here.