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Updated November 2022

The FIFA World Cup Qatar is likely to draw the highest crowd since the pandemic’s beginning. It is estimated that as many as 1.2 million fans will be entering the country to witness the proceedings of the world’s most prestigious football tournament. Due to the decline in COVID cases, the Ministry of Health has relaxed most COVID-19 regulations to the delight of international fans and visitors.

However, please note that the Qatari authorities do encourage international fans to obtain travel insurance as well as get themselves fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Keep reading to learn more about COVID-19 regulations for the FIFA World Cup 2022.

World Cup COVID rules

Fans attending this year’s FIFA World Cup are encouraged to familiarise themselves with Qatar’s COVID-19 Travel & Return Policy, which was updated by the Ministry of Public Health on 1 November 2022. Details are as follows.

Regulations for international Hayya Card holders

  • Visitors arriving for the FIFA World Cup are no longer required to bring proof of a PCR or RAT test certificate before traveling to the State of Qatar. ​
  • Visitors entering Qatar for the FIFA World Cup are not required to pre-register on the Ehteraz contact tracing mobile application prior to arrival.
  • Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19 while in Qatar will be required to isolate themself in accordance with Ministry of Public Health guidelines.
  • Qatar does not require any traveler to take a COVID-19 test before departing Qatar. However, travelers should check the requirements of their destination country and follow their specific COVID-19 travel requirements.

Ehteraz contact tracing application

It is mandatory for individuals to present the health status of their Ehteraz application when entering public and private healthcare facilities in Qatar. You can download the Ehteraz app here: App Store / Google Play

Health insurance

Visitors to Qatar may access medical care at any of the country’s private or public hospitals, medical centres, clinics and pharmacies. Emergency and urgent healthcare services will be provided for free at public hospitals for Hayya Card holders. However, the Ministry of Public Health strongly recommends visiting fans to first obtain travel insurance (with healthcare coverage) for the duration of their stay in Qatar.

If you would like to learn more about health insurance and healthcare services in Qatar, please head to Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health official website.

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