When did you last get on a swing? Was it months ago, years ago? No matter how old you are, you probably can conjure up the memory of getting on a swing and feeling like you could almost touch the sky. And now, the simple joy of your childhood can be recreated all around the world.

You’ll find swings overlooking verdant hill, glacier peaks, and cityscape, giving you a new perspective on a destination and certainly the backdrop of a captivating shot. Quit salivating over that picture on Instagram and find your own spectacular swings with knockout views around the world.

Bali Swing (Bali, Indonesia)


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Whether you explore it on foot, in a car, or on the back of a motorbike, the island of Gods reveals striking sights in every corner. That said, the experience tends to be marred by crowds, a given for this popular destination. So, what do you say about drinking in the spotless tropical greenery and the expanse of blue sky from a bird’s eye view?

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Dalawella Beach Swing (Southern Sri Lanka)


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I think we can pretty much agree that most beaches are just awesome places to relax and have a good time. Add a palm tree rope swing to it? You have a destination worth making a detour for. It’s a bit of a makeshift swing, but the fun is real and you’ll get that perfect shot that will look super cool on your feed.

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Knapp’s Castle (Santa Barbara, United States)


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This hiking spot at Santa Barbara hills is one photogenic destination. Dotted with ruins of a former palatial home that burnt down in 1918 and surrounded by canyons and hills, it makes for a great spot to capture sunset through your lens. As beautiful as it is, the little rope swing tied to a tree is not your childhood swing, though, so be careful when you get on it.

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Old Baldy Mountain (Shawnigan Lake, Canada)


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Another swing that rewards hikers, this contraption overlooking Shawnigan Lake. The views accompanying your ascend are plenty stunning, but wait until you catch your breath relaxing on the swing. Now that’s a view worthy of a hike.

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Hjørundfjorden Swing (Trandal, Norway)


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In the land of fjords and glaciers, every sight is a feast to the eyes, and nowhere is best to experience it than on the Hjørundfjorden swing. The swing is literally quite a hidden gem because it’s a little hard to access: You’d have to journey to the tiny village Trandal via ferry or hike over a mountain. But it’s all worth it once you’re up in the air with the majestic Sunnmøre alps splayed before you.

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Swing at the End of the World (Baños, Ecuador)


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Whimsical ideas sometimes come out of the most mundane of situations, and this swing at Baños is one. The swing is actually a part of a tree up on the hill that houses a seismic monitoring station called, well, The Treehouse (Casa del Arbol). These days the unique attraction is accompanied by a few zip lines and several other swings around Casa del Arbol.

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Georgetown Street Art (Penang, Malaysia)


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Not quite a swing in the traditional sense, but this iconic piece of street art is just so fun it deserves its own spot here! The compact Penang is filled to the brim with fascinating sights and intriguing street art, and you definitely shouldn’t miss this one highly Instagrammable attraction.

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