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Updated May 2024

The Absher platform, developed and maintained by the Saudi Arabian government’s Ministry of Interior, has become an integral part of daily life for many citizens and residents in the country. This one-stop-shop for government services offers a wide range of features, from passport and ID management to e-services related to residency, travel and other government-related affairs.

Wego has gathered the basics about the Asher platform and its range of e-services; please read on to learn more.

Absher latest news

In a new service launched by the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat), passport loss or theft in Saudi Arabia can now be reported to the General Directorate of Passports through the Absher portal. This is one of the eight electronic services launched by Jawazat on the Ministry of Interior’s electronic service platforms Absher and Muqeem. 

Four of the eight services were made available on Absher. They include reporting the loss or theft of a passport, digital documents for visitors, reports about expatriates, and reports about visitors.

Absher portal Saudi Arabia

The Absher portal is an online platform in Saudi Arabia that allows citizens and residents to access various government services, including passport renewal, visa applications, and other government services.

Managed by the Saudi Ministry of Interior, the web-based portal provides a convenient way for individuals to manage certain aspects of their relationship with the Saudi Arabian government. Some of the more popular Absher services are as follows.

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Saudi passport renewal

The Absher platform enables Saudi Arabian citizens to renew their passports online. The service can be accessed through the portal. For more details regarding the Saudi passport renewal process, please visit our article below.

Passport Renewal Saudi Arabia: How to Renew Your Passport in Saudi Arabia?


Issuance of Saudi exit/re-entry visa

Foreign national employees, along with their dependents, can apply for the Saudi exit/re-entry visa from the Absher platform. The article below explains the process for obtaining this visa.

Saudi Exit/Re-Entry Visa 2024: Everything You Need to Know


Other Absher e-services

Saudi citizens and residents may also take advantage of numerous other e-services offered by the Absher portal. These services include driver’s license renewal, vehicle registration renewal, digital identification document service, stolen vehicle report, and numerous others. You can learn more about Absher’s wide range of e-services on its official page.

Absher login

If you already have an account on the Absher platform, you can simply log in to the platform by following the steps given below:

  • go to the Absher portal login page
  • set the language to English
  • go to the ‘Login’ section on the left side of the webpage
  • enter your account username/ID Number and password
  • select ‘Log in,’ and you will be successfully logged into your Absher account

Absher registration

If you’ve yet to register on Absher, you can do so by following the steps given below:

  • visit the Absher portal
  • select ‘Individuals
  • set the language to English from the top of the webpage
  • click on ‘New User?’
  • fill in all the required details, including Iqama number/ID, mobile number, email address, and other required information
  • enter the captcha code correctly
  • agree to the terms of use and privacy policy
  • click ‘Next’
  • enter the activation code sent to your registered mobile number
  • click on ‘Register’ to complete the registration process

Please note:

  • entering an invalid mobile number will result in user registration failure
  • it is illegal to use someone else’s ID for registration
  • please avoid using your registered mobile number in any other account to avoid number cancellation
  • the username cannot be edited or modified after the registration process has been completed

Absher Business

Absher Business is a platform that provides owners of small businesses or establishments access to visa-related services for their foreign employees or workers. Businesses or establishments that qualify for the Absher Business are those that do not exceed 100 employees/workers.

Some of the available services are as follows:

  • issuing resident IDs for employees/workers
  • renewing resident IDs for employees/workers
  • profession change for employees/workers (requires the Ministry of Labor’s approval)
  • issuing exit-re-entry visas
  • cancelling exit-re-entry visas
  • issuing final-exit visa
  • document delivery services
  • Muqeem printing request
  • issuing authorization
  • accepting/rejecting authorization
  • transferring services
  • updating passport information
  • vehicle scrap

Please consult Asher Business’ official portal for more information.

Absher self-service machine

Apart from accessing the Absher platform through your phone or computer, the Ministry of Interior has provided Absher self-service machines in various locations throughout the Kingdom. These self-service machines offer the same functionalities and features as the online platform, allowing citizens and residents to easily access their required services.

Absher self-service machine near your location

You can find Absher self-service registration machines all over Saudi Arabia. To find one that’s nearest to your location, please consult the official list.

Absher password reset

You can change the password of your account through the Absher website. Follow the steps below to reset your password:

  • go to the Absher website
  • enter your registered ID number and mobile number
  • enter the image code
  • click on “next”
  • select one of the secret questions.
  • write the secret answer
  • click on “next”
  • a verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number
  • enter the code in the required field
  • insert the new password and confirm it.
  • click on agree.

Absher number change

There are two ways to change your mobile number on Absher as follows:

Via the Absher website

To use this method, you must have access to your registered mobile phone number. Follow the steps below:

  • log in to your Absher account
  • click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your screen
  • select ‘user information’
  • click on ‘Edit’
  • enter your new mobile number
  • save your progress
  • enter the verification code
  • once completed, you will see a confirmation message “Your account information has been successfully updated“

Via the Absher self-service machine

You can also use Absher’s self-service machine to change your registered phone number. Please follow the steps below:

  • visit your nearest Absher self-service machine
  • set the language to English if you prefer
  • enter your ten-digit Iqama number
  • select the ‘Update Mobile’ option
  • for verification, provide your fingerprint on the scanner
  • enter your new mobile number
  • enter the OTP received on your new number and complete the process

Absher app

The Ministry of Interior has also launched the Absher app, which is a smartphone application allowing citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia to use a variety of governmental services. Among the list of other services, the Absher app may be used to avail of passport services, traffic services, civil affairs services, and more.

You can download the Absher app from Google Play or the App Store.


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