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Updated January 2024

For frequent visitors to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) or tourists exploring the wonders of this vibrant nation, the recent changes in the Airport-to-Airport (A2A) visa change process might catch you by surprise. As of late, there has been a significant adjustment in the rates, raising eyebrows and prompting the need for a closer look at the updated procedures.

In this article, Wego will delve into the specifics of the Airport visa change or the A2A visa change service and how it may impact your travel plans.

What is the Airport visa change?

Airport visa change, also referred to as Airport to Airport visa change, refers to the procedure of extending a visa by temporarily leaving the host country, travelling to a nearby nation, renewing the visa, and then re-entering the original country.

This process allows individuals to prolong their stay without having to return to their home country, offering a practical solution for those seeking an extension on their current visa.

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Airport visa change UAE news & updates

The Airport-to-Airport (A2A) visa change in the UAE, a popular method for quickly obtaining a new tourist visa without returning home, has recently undergone changes. This process, which allows for same-day renewal or a brief stay in a neighbouring country, now comes with a price increase of up to 20%.

The same-day process, taking about four hours, involves an outbound flight, a short stay in the neighbouring country’s airport, and a return on a later flight. However, visitors opting for this service will now face higher fees due to increased airfare, including an additional charge of nearly AED 125.

Shihab Parwad, managing director of Rehan Al Jazeera Tourism, attributes the fee hike to increased airfare and heightened demand during the colder months.

What is the A2A visa change process?

The Airport-to-Airport (A2A) visa change service in the UAE is commonly facilitated through reputable travel agents, making it imperative to choose a reliable and trusted partner for a smooth experience.

To initiate this journey, familiarize yourself with the requirements and follow a structured procedure.


Generally, the following are the typical requirements for the Airport visa change process in the UAE:

  • copy of your passport with a validity of at least 6 months
  • coloured passport-size photo with a white background
  • last tourist visa copy or a copy of your cancelled residency visa
  • additional documents may be required, depending on your nationality


Once you’ve gathered all the required documents, the following steps are the general outline of the Airport visa change:

  • select a reputable travel agent
  • contact the chosen travel agent to inquire about specific requirements and fees
  • submit the necessary documents to the travel agent as per their instructions
  • pay the designated visa change fee to the travel agent
  • collaborate with the travel agent to book a comprehensive visa change ticket
  • fly from the UAE to the selected neighbouring country as per the booked ticket
  • return to the UAE as scheduled
  • work closely with your travel agent to secure the new UAE visa through their preferred channels (e.g. WhatsApp)

Finally, you can enter the UAE using the newly obtained visa and resume your stay in this vibrant country hassle-free.

A2A visa change cost

As travellers consider the options for an A2A visa change, the price generally depends on when visitors book the package. However, recent changes have altered the costs associated with the Airport visa change. Insights from tourism companies reveal that the authorities’ decision to cancel the 90-day visa in the last quarter of 2023 has spurred a surge in demand for 60-day visas among visitors.

Libin Varghese, Rooh Travel and Tourism LLC’s Head of Operations and Sales, straightforwardly stated that the cost of a 60-day visa, once at AED 1,300, has now risen to a starting point of AED 1,500. With the removal of the 90-day visa option, there has been a notable shift in the duration of visitor stays and a reconsideration of budgetary aspects.

Furthermore, in December 2022, the UAE reverted to its original rule, requiring visit visa holders to exit the country before returning on a new visa. The pandemic-induced leniency in stay extensions within the country was rescinded.

Highlighting the exceptional demand for extending 60-day visas, resulting in sold-out quotas and seat availability challenges, the authorities have stated that the surge in demand is mainly seen among senior citizens, who prefer longer-duration visas to avoid frequent travel.


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