Arafat Day, celebrated by Muslims worldwide, commemorates an important event from approximately 1,300 years ago. It marks the day when Prophet Muhammad delivered his farewell and final sermon atop Mount Arafah after conquering the city of Makkah. With over 100,000 followers present, the Prophet announced that God had bestowed His favor and blessings upon Islam.

Muslims observe Arafat Day on the same day as the Prophet’s final sermon. The specific date varies each year according to the Islamic lunar calendar. Join Wego to learn more about when Arafat Day will be observed this year and how Muslims celebrate this significant day.

When is Arafat Day in 2024?

This year, Arafat Day will occur on 15th June 2024. Arafat Day is observed on the second day of the Hajj pilgrimage, which precedes the first day of the significant Islamic holiday, Eid ul Adha. Please note that the exact date may vary slightly based on the sighting of the moon, which can differ from one location to another.

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How is Arafat Day observed?

Arafat Day is considered one of the holiest and most momentous days in the Islamic faith. It is said that the devil is enraged beyond measure on this day as he witnessed millions of souls being granted mercy and forgiveness for their past sins and transgressions.

For those performing the Hajj pilgrimage, they gather at the plain of Arafat near Makkah, Saudi Arabia and spend the entire day in a state of devotion and prayer, participating in a ritual known as Wuquf. It is believed that the supplications made on this day are answered, and sins are forgiven.

Arafat Day is also a time for self-reflection and contemplation. Pilgrims reflect upon their sins, seek forgiveness, and make sincere repentance. Many take the opportunity to recite the Qur’an, engage in personal supplication, and seek spiritual renewal.

For those who are not physically present at the plain of Arafat, the day is commemorated in various ways. Common practices include fasting, seeking forgiveness through prayers and supplications, and engaging in acts of charity and kindness. Muslims strive to connect with the spiritual essence of the day, reflecting on their faith and actions. Arafat Day holds significance as a global occasion for Muslims to seek blessings, express gratitude, and deepen their spiritual connection.

Muslims worldwide typically take advantage of Arafat Day as they dress up, feast, gather with their loved ones and prepare for the Eid ul Adha celebrations.


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