The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will celebrate the 94th iteration of its National Day on 23 September 2024. The National Day commemorates the unification of the various Bedouin tribes, sultanates, minor kingdoms and emirates across a large area of the Arabian Peninsula stretching from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf.

In the year 1932, the land was finally unified under the banner of Abdul Al-Aziz ibn Saud, the founding father of Saudi Arabia, who then proceeded to assume the mantle of the Kingdom’s first king as well as the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Although steeped in history, National Day has only been officially recognized as a national holiday to be celebrated in a festive manner since the year 2005. Previously, only religious holidays were celebrated in Saudi Arabia, namely the Eid al-Fitr and the Eid al-Adha.

That said, Wego will help you take a closer look at how the Kingdom and its people celebrate this highly significant commemoration.

Saudi National Day 2024 date

Every year, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day on 23 September. In 2024, 23 September falls on a Monday.

Saudi National Day 2024 identity

The Saudi National Day identity for the year 2024 has not been announced yet.

The Saudi flag and symbolism

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The colour green is a recurring theme in National Day, as it is the dominant colour of the Saudi Arabian flag. The Saudi flag features white calligraphy set on a green backdrop that reads, “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of God,” which is essentially the profession of faith that every Muslim utters as they perform their daily prayers.

Just under the inscription, a sword is depicted, which symbolizes King Abdul Aziz, the first sovereign of the Kingdom. The flag’s primary colour is also a symbol of Islam and is believed to be the favoured colour of the Prophet Muhammad.

As with many other flags around the world, the Saudi Arabian flag represents the kingdom’s rich history, lofty philosophical ideas, as well as national pride and identity. On National Day, you’ll find no shortage of people wearing green and taking pride in their heritage as countless green flags are waving in the wind.

Last year’s holidays, festivities and celebrations

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Every year, Saudi National Day is celebrated with exciting festivals, dazzling fireworks, and plenty of fantastic deals for everyone to enjoy.

Saudi National Day, Flag Day, and Saudi Founding Day are three distinct occasions. Flag Day, which was introduced in 2023 and celebrated on March 11, is dedicated to honoring the adoption of the Saudi national flag. On the other hand, Founding Day, observed on February 22, pays tribute to the region’s deep-rooted history and the strong sense of national pride it represents. Each of these days holds its unique significance in the Saudi calendar.

To kick off the 93rd Saudi National Day celebration, the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has released four special theme songs: “Our Date 2030,” “Above the Clouds,” “Yes,” and “My Home is here.”

One of the thrilling events lined up for the 93rd Saudi National Day is AZIMUTH in AlUla. This music festival, running from dusk till dawn, promises an impressive lineup of both local and regional artists. It’s set to be an exciting celebration!


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