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Updated March 2023

Bahraini government has introduced a new e-Passport initiative for Bahrain citizens in the hopes of rendering both domestic and international travel more convenient than ever before. Read more if you wish to learn more about the e-Passport, including its eligibility, issuance, requirements and more.

What is Bahrain e-Passport?

The Bahrain e-Passport is a passport that contains an electronic chip embedded within the cover. The chip, which is equipped with the highest security protection, allows the e-Passport to store the passport holder’s biographic and biometric information, such as a digital photograph, name, date of birth, fingerprints and signature.

With biometrics technology, the e-Passport offers its holder a hassle-free travel and transit experience by enabling them to smoothly cross international borders using the smart gate function.

Additionally, the design of the e-Passport is inspired by the cultural and historical significance of the Kingdom, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the document.

Bahrain e-Passport eligibility

Generally speaking, any citizen of Bahrain who is 18 years of age or older is eligible to apply for a Bahrain e-Passport.

However, upon its launching, Bahrain e-Passport issuance will prioritize Bahrainis whose passports have expired or are nearing the expiry date.

Bahrain e-Passport issuance

Bahrain e-Passport will be issued starting on 20 March 2023.

As of now, the Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs (NPRA) has not released the official procedure to issue the e-passport. Yet it is expected that the process will be similar to the issuance of a regular passport. Stay tuned for further updates regarding a Bahrain e-Passport issuance.

Bahrain e-Passport requirements

The requirements needed to obtain an e-Passport have not been made public yet. However, it is anticipated that they will be revealed to the public along with the process of issuing the passport when it is launched.

Bahrain e-Passport processing time

NPRA stated that the processing time for issuing an e-Passport will not be different from regular passport. It typically takes five days to issue the passport for the first time and two days for passport renewal.

Bahrain e-Passport costs

According to NPRA, the cost for first-time e-Passport issuance is BD 12. To replace the old passport, applicants will be charged a fee of BD 15.


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