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The flavourful aroma of sweet tobacco wafting through the air as you enjoy relaxed, calm conversations with your pals, smoking shisha enveloped in a tranquil atmosphere is undeniably the best way to complete your evening. 

We all love a good shisha session with our loved ones, casually talking about our day, good food, and a perfect view with drinks in our hands. The following is our recommendation of the seven best shisha lounges in Dubai that are open now.

The Dubai Assured stamp

Ever since Dubai reopened their borders to visitors again, the Dubai authorities have launched the Dubai Assured stamp to assure tourists and residents that establishments in Dubai have adopted all the necessary precautionary measures and the highest safety standards and protocols to stop the spread of COVID-19.

As a prerequisite to resuming their businesses, every hotel, restaurant, beverage establishment, and attractions in Dubai should have the Dubai Assured stamp. The Dubai Assured stamp is granted only to establishments compliant with the strict safety and hygiene measures in the UAE.

Siddharta Lounge by Buddha-Bar

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Offering the same level of refined sophistication and class that it’s known and loved for, Siddharta Lounge by Buddha-Bar is a sprawling shisha bar offering picturesque views of the cityscape, where you can truly enjoy the spirit of the evening mood blending with the vibrant city. 

Feel the upbeat rhythm of Dubai in the evening and enjoy the panoramic view of Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah in the company of friends. Couple those with a delicious dinner and the best of aromatized shisha in this quintessential, modern high-rise retreat. 

Treehouse Lounge

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Perched atop the exquisite Taj Dubai hotel, the Treehouse lounge is the perfect urban hideaway above the bustling city. This stylish lounge offers a hand-picked selection of creative shisha varieties, cocktails made with rare ingredients and infused spirits, finest champagnes, and sumptuous Mediterranean-Asian cuisines.

Buhayra Lounge

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Savor your shisha under the stars, overlooking the magnificently lit Burj Khalifa and Burj Park by the lakeside. At the Buhayra Lounge, you get to choose your own artistically designed traditional Arabian tents next to the massive pool, beautifully flanked by palm trees.

The rich embellishments and soothing music make this the perfect shisha spot for luxury and subtle taste seekers. As you recline in comfortable seating inside the traditional tents, you can dine on their vast cuisine of Arabic delicacies, delectable desserts, and refreshing beverages.

The Courtyards, Dubai Marina

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Nestled between the dramatic archways of The Palace and Arabian Court, The Courtyards is the perfect haven for laidback evenings beneath a sky full of stars. The majlis-styled cushions, perched between the aesthetically pleasing rows of palms, welcome you to sink in for the evening.

The lounge boasts exotic flavors of shisha, an array of authentic Arabic dishes, and the city’s best fruity cocktails. You will definitely relish the explosion of sweet, smoky, sour, and subtly spicy flavors with every bite of their curated Middle Eastern menu. 

Shakespeare & Co

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With a chic yet comfortable casual dining concept and a whimsical Victorian ambiance, Shakespeare & Co truly feels like walking into a fairytale. Enjoy their exquisite collection of indoor shisha flavors with their extensive, curated menu of desserts and drinks. The warm and comfortable ambiance, with muffled lights and lamps, soft pillows, and classic British style architecture, delivers an essence of royalty and regalness.

The well-crafted massive international menu is always updated to match evolving tastes and new food trends. Luscious handmade chocolates with an array of dreamy flavors and French pastries prepared to perfection every day will definitely entice your taste buds and leave you completely satisfied. 

Shades, Dubai Marina

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Shades is an iconic shisha bar at the heart of Dubai se above the hustle and bustle of the city. The Alfresco bar offers the best views of the Dubai skyline, overlooking the chic and modern infinity pool. Soak in the energetic and eclectic atmosphere while savoring the mouthwatering array of grills and à la carte offerings, inspired by cuisines from the Mediterranean to the Far East.

The spacious retreat offers the best shisha flavors under the illuminated open lounge, where the ambiance is perfected to the smallest detail, and you will feel here as the most welcomed guest.

Smoky Beach

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Smoky Beach is one of the most prominent and well-known shisha cafes in Dubai, boasting a fantastic view of the vast Arabian Gulf and the world’s largest Ferris wheel exhibit Ain Dubai to its left. This shisha bar stands out from the rest for its enjoyable and laid back atmosphere, making it an ideal hideout for spending a good, relaxed time with your friends and families. 

The serene breeze from the ocean hitting your face as you enjoy sipping cocktails and wines, stunning views, and a chilled, comfortable lounge experience grants you the best way to end your evening in this radiant and pragmatic city.