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Updated August 2023

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Saudi Arabia, with its remarkable history, vibrant culture, and abundant resources, boasts the largest economy in the Middle East. As a top global oil producer and exporter, the country has strategically diversified into sectors like petrochemicals, tourism, entertainment, and renewable energy. AROYA Saudi symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s commitment to economic expansion and development.

Here is everything we currently know about AROYA Cruises, the highly anticipated upcoming cruise line brand from the kingdom.

Cruise Saudi AROYA

Cruise Saudi is set to redefine Saudi Arabia’s tourism landscape with the launch of AROYA Cruises, an exclusive cruise line brand. The name AROYA is derived from the fusion of “Arabian” and “roya,” signifying the embodiment of vision and aspirations. As a subsidiary of the esteemed Public Investment Fund, Cruise Saudi aims to create an extraordinary cruise ecosystem in line with Vision 2030, and AROYA Cruises epitomizes this commitment.

AROYA Cruises will offer a captivating journey tailored to the preferences and expectations of Arabian travelers. The meticulously designed ship, with a capacity for up to 3,500 guests, provides a wide range of amenities and activities on board while also serving as a gateway to Saudi Arabia’s breathtaking natural beauty, rich historical sites, and diverse cultural heritage.

AROYA Cruise has recently announced its partnership with the retail company Gebr. Heinemann involves their joint effort in launching the premium cruise line named AROYA Cruises. This collaborative initiative is in line with Cruise Saudi’s approach of teaming up with leading suppliers to guarantee top-notch amenities and services on AROYA Cruises. Gebr. Heinemann’s role will encompass offering a diverse selection of luxury items on the ship, ranging from fragrances, beauty products, and sweets to clothing, accessories, timepieces, and fine jewelry. This joint venture is considered essential in providing passengers with exceptional shopping experiences during their journey on AROYA Cruises.

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Cruise Saudi careers

The company has been actively promoting career opportunities for Saudis, including women, resulting in an impressive Saudization rate of 71 percent since its establishment in 2021. With the strategic goal of welcoming 1.3 million cruise visitors by 2035, Cruise Saudi aims to create 50,000 direct and indirect jobs in the process.

Cruise Saudi contact number

If you wish to contact Cruise Saudi, please visit their official contact page for any inquiries or assistance you may require. They will be pleased to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have.


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