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The Expo City Half Marathon is set to be the newest addition to running and fitness-centric events in Dubai. The event, set to debut on 4 February 2024, is designed to cater to runners of all types, promising to ignite a spirit of adventure and exploration. With registrations now open, runners have the chance to be part of a historic culmination. 

Read on as Wego provides the details about Dubai’s newest Expo City Half Marathon event.

What is the Expo City Half Marathon?

Expo City Half Marathon is Dubai’s newest marathon event designed to cater to all types of runners. The most captivating aspect of the Expo City Half Marathon is its carefully crafted route, which promises participants a captivating journey through Expo City Dubai and its iconic pavilions. 

Featuring three distinct courses of varying lengths, the Expo City Half Marathon offers runners the flexibility to select a route that aligns with their fitness and endurance levels. This event guarantees an exhilarating day of running, fostering unity and a collective dedication to a healthier and more sustainable future.

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Expo City Half Marathon 2024 date

The Expo City Half Marathon 2024 will host its inaugural edition on 4 February 2024. The race is being organized by Promoseven Sports Marketing in partnership with Dubai Sports Council, and Expo City Dubai. 

Expo City Half Marathon 2024 races

As mentioned, the race has three different courses, each of varying lengths, giving runners the choice to opt for a course that matches their level of fitness and endurance.

The lengths of the three race courses are 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, and 21 kilometers. The 5 km course is suited for families, leisure runners or those new to long-distance running. For more seasoned runners, the 10 km presents a moderate challenge, while the 21 km is tailored for those eager to test and showcase their endurance to the hilt.

Expo City Half Marathon 2024 timings

The three races will start at 10-minute intervals. Here are the timings for the races.

  • 21 km: 7 AM
  • 10 km: 7:10 AM
  • 5 km: 7:20 AM

How to register for the Expo City Half Marathon 2024?

Registrations for the Expo City Half Marathon 2024 are now underway. Interested runners can register directly from Promoseven Sports Marketing’s official registration page for the event. 

Here are the steps to registering:

  • visit the registration page
  • choose your race type between 5 km, 10 km and 21 km
  • enter your personal details, such as your name, contact number, nationality, gender, date of birth and shirt size, and press ‘Continue.’
  • enter your medical information, such as any preexisting conditions, an emergency contact and whether you would opt for event insurance
  • click on ‘Add to Basket.’
  • the next screen will show you your details, along with the registration amount payable
  • click on ‘Proceed to Checkout’ and make the required payment to complete the registration process

Registration fees

The registration fees for each of the three race types are as follows:

  • 21 km: AED 225
  • 10 km: AED 175
  • 5 km: AED 150

Please note that these prices are inclusive of tax.

Event insurance

Those who register for the races can upgrade their registration by opting for event insurance, costing an additional AED 20. This qualifies them to receive a 100% refund on the registration fees if they cannot attend for one of the many reasons in the Terms and Conditions, which have to be accepted when upgrading to a refundable registration.

Some of the reasons for a refund include sickness, accident, injury, public transport failure, private vehicle failure, emergency services recall, home emergency, immediate relative sickness, pre-existing medical conditions and more.

Please note that refunds can only be accepted 24 hours before the event.


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