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Updated April 2024

Dubai is a city that offers many transportation options, but one of the most convenient and popular ways to get around is by taxi. The city has a network of taxis that are operated by different companies and offer different services, such as standard taxis, airport taxis, limousines, and more. In this article, Wego will explore everything you need to know about Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC).

What to expect when you book Dubai Taxi?

Dubai Taxi is a service provided by the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), a subsidiary of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). DTC operates more than 10,000 taxis in Dubai, with different types and colors to suit different needs and preferences. All Dubai taxis are uniform, with a cream body and the DTC logo on the door.  There are different types of taxis in Dubai, such as standard taxis, limousines, airport taxis, ladies and family taxis, people of determination taxis, and school bus transport

All Dubai taxis are fully air-conditioned, clean, safe, and equipped with regulated taximeters.

Dubai Taxi fare

The taxis accept various payment methods, such as cash, credit card, Nol card (a smart card for public transport), or DTC app.

  • Airport Taxi:
    • Starting Fare: 25 AED
    • Additional Fare: 2.09 AED per 1 km
  • Ladies and Families Taxi:
    • Daytime Starting Fare: 5 AED
    • Daytime Per KM Rate: 2.09 AED
    • Nighttime Starting Fare (after 10.00 pm): 5.5 AED
    • Nighttime Per KM Rate: 2.09 AED
  • Taxi:
    • Daytime Base Fare – AED 5
    • Daytime Per KM Rate – AED 2.09
    • Nighttime Base Fare – AED 5.5
    • Nighttime Per KM Rate – AED 2.09
  • Limousine:
    • Daytime Base Fare – AED 11
    • Daytime Per KM Rate – AED 2.78
    • Nighttime Base Fare – AED 12.5
    • Nighttime Per KM Rate – AED 2.78
    • Peak Time Base Fare – AED 16
    • Peak Time Per KM Rate – AED 2.78
    • Minimum Fare – AED 16

Dubai Taxi application

The DTC (Dubai Taxi Corporation) app is a smart app that allows customers to book taxis and limousines in a simple, seamless and modern way, in coordination with the Dubai Taxi Corporation’s Control Center and the Public Transport Agency’s Reservation and Distribution Center at the Roads and Transport Authority, using advanced technologies that ensure smooth, fast and accurate requests for different transportation services.

DTC App: A Comprehensive Guide to the Dubai Taxi Corporation App

The customer can reserve in three steps, starting with a quick download and registration, then choosing and booking the vehicle. The app finds the closest vehicle and automatically sends it to the customer’s location to begin the trip and offers options for cash or credit card payment. The app will also introduce new and innovative services to give customers more choices and enhance their travel experience in Dubai.

The DTC app can be downloaded on Google Play or App Store.

Dubai Taxi booking number

If you want to book a taxi in Dubai by SMS, you can use the SMS Taxi Service. You just need to send a text message to 4774 with the number of your area. The area numbers are displayed on the signs at the taxi stands or on the RTA website.

Another simple way to book a taxi in Dubai is by Phone Call. You can dial the free number 800 88088 and talk to the DTC’s Control Center. They will ask you for your location and send you a taxi.


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