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Updated March 2024

The UAE appears to never run out of shocks and breakthroughs, from the world’s largest structure to advanced technological innovations. Following the enthusiasm around the potential of flying car, Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s authorities recently revealed plans to operate the country’s first air taxi.

Wego has gathered all the information you need to experience the new mode of transportation, including its cost, stations and more.

Dubai flying taxi

Dubai aims to take the lead in shaping the future of flying taxis, with ambitious plans to establish a fully operational flying taxi network by 2026. According to the CEO of Skyports, a company specializing in building landing infrastructure for these aerial taxis, he expressed his belief on Wednesday that Dubai could become the world’s pioneer in seamlessly integrating a comprehensive network of flying taxis into its public transportation system.

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Dubai flying taxi stations

©Dubai Media Office

Dubai intends to be the first city in the world to have a fully built network of flying taxi stations, also known as vertiports. Designed by advanced air mobility (AAM) company Skyports Infrastructure, the vertiports will connect Dubai’s most popular locations and transportation hubs. As per the latest announcement, Dubai will have vertiports located in these areas: Dubai International Airport, Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and Marina Dubai. These vertiports are expected to be operational in 2026.

Abu Dhabi flying taxi

Abu Dhabi is also set to revolutionize urban mobility with Archer Aviation as they collaborate to launch electric air taxis by 2026. This visionary initiative will reduce congestion and emissions and bring substantial economic growth to the region.

The partnership with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) includes incentives for Archer to set up its international headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the Smart and Autonomous Vehicle Industry (SAVI) Cluster in Abu Dhabi. This strategic move aims to make the UAE a hub for electric aviation, with the support of industry participants such as Falcon Aviation and GAL-AMMROC.

Archer plans to partner closely with ADIO and the Department of Economic Development to bring manufacturing and operations for their air taxis to the region. Through their cutting-edge technology and alliances with Falcon Aviation and GAL-AMMROC, Archer is poised to transform urban travel in the UAE by replacing car commutes with swift electric air taxi flights, making a greener and more efficient future a reality.

Archer intends to showcase its groundbreaking Midnight aircraft at two major events, the Dubai Air Show and the Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF).

When will Dubai & Abu Dhabi flying taxis be available?

According to authorities, the air taxis are expected to be operational within three years. Residents and visitors will likely take an unprecedented air taxi journey by 2026.

Dubai & Abu Dhabi flying taxi cost

The taxis’ exact rates have not yet been disclosed. According to an RTA officer, the price would be a little high, close to the debut. However, when more units are deployed, and demand grows, it is projected that the fares will fall to those of standard Uber, making it more accessible to all residents and tourists in Dubai.


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