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Updated April 2024

Driverless taxis are gaining popularity around the world, and Dubai is one of the cities that has embraced this new technology. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently introduced self-driving taxis to provide more efficient and comfortable transportation for its residents and visitors.

Are you excited to be among the first to try them out? If so, here’s what you need to know about self-driving taxis in Dubai, including their availability, booking procedures, and more.

Dubai driverless taxi availability

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) had previously announced plans for the deployment of 10 self-driving taxis in Dubai by the end of 2023. Presently, various online sources indicate that the RTA is aiming to transition 25 percent of Dubai’s overall transportation to autonomous mode by 2030, with the current proportion resting at 9.4 percent.

This integration of advanced technology is anticipated to transform Dubai’s transportation sector significantly, offering residents and tourists a more efficient and comfortable means of travel. Dubai has a rich history of embracing innovation and has consistently been a pioneer in adopting emerging technologies, with the introduction of self-driving taxis being the latest example of its forward-thinking approach.

Upon their debut, self-driving taxis will be the first of their kind to be introduced in a city outside of the United States, putting Dubai on the map as a leader in autonomous vehicle technology. The introduction of self-driving taxis is just one example of Dubai’s commitment to providing its residents and visitors with the most innovative and technologically advanced services.

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Driverless taxi booking procedures

The specific booking procedure for the self-driving cab has not been made public. However, passengers are expected to be able to book their rides through a mobile app, similar to Uber or Careem. Furthermore, they can use the app to control the cab’s air conditioning and radio station before departing to ensure they have the most enjoyable ride possible.

According to reports, the first ten taxis will only operate between the Etihad Museum and Dubai Water Canal areas. This implies that passengers can hail a ride on this taxi if they wish to go to La Mer Beach, Mercato Mall, Coca-Cola Arena, City Walk, Box Park, or any restaurants located on Al Wasl or Jumeirah roads.

Driverless taxi cost

As per the senior officer of the RTA, the rates for self-driving taxis will be similar to those of limousine services in Dubai. We will provide you with an update as soon as the accurate fares have been announced. Stay tuned for further information regarding the cab’s riding fares.


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