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Updated May 2024

Moving to a new country and restarting your life can be thrilling and frightening. Even though immigration is never easy, the whole experience of meeting new people from different ethnicities, adapting to a different lifestyle, and travelling to unknown places can be a life-changing decision.

If you are looking to immigrate to a different country and taking a step towards starting a new chapter in your life, read on as Wego provides a list of the easiest countries you can immigrate to.

Easiest countries to immigrate to

The following are some of the easiest countries to immigrate to for immigrants from around the world.


Having garnered a reputation for being one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants and being ranked as one of the most liveable places in the world, Canada is definitely the best and easiest country to immigrate to. Moreover, the vast landmass and the country’s small population make the living experience of immigrants more accessible and comfortable.

Canada covers several immigrant-friendly policies for immigrants to move and attract new residents. Some of the most popular immigration programs include the Express Entry scheme, which covers the Federal Skilled Worker program, and was reported to be the largest share of economic immigrants entering Canada.

Apart from this, the International Experience Canada Programme, Provincial Nominee Programme, and other humanitarian and family-friendly immigration policies are some popular Canada immigrant-friendly policies.

As a cherry on top, the accessible healthcare system and the ample employment opportunities in the country also make Canada one of the easiest countries to immigrate to.

Recently, Canada’s immigration backlog has also reduced by 110,000 applications, meaning more and more immigrants are getting residence and citizenship rights in the country.

In a bid to encourage tech talent immigration to Canada, the government has also announced the Canada Digital Nomad visa initiative. This new visa will allow workers to live in Canada and work remotely for six months.


Spain is one of the most popular and easiest countries to immigrate to in Europe, with a foreign-born population of more than 7.3 million. With various attractive immigrant-friendly schemes, lovely weather, low living costs in Western Europe, accessible public and private healthcare, and a great educational system, Spain is indeed a very popular country amongst immigrants.

Moreover, Spain covers several immigrant-friendly policies, including the North American Language and Culture Assistant Programme and Golden Visa Programme, amongst others. Although, in order to obtain a Golden Visa for Spain, you would be required to fulfill certain criteria, such as a minimum sum of money and a business plan, among others. Spain also offers a fast-tracking citizenship program for Filipinos and other nationalities of previous Spanish colonies.

Furthermore, to stimulate social and economic activity in some of the country’s smaller, less-populated areas, Spain has recently announced a new Digital Nomad Visa that allows individuals to live in the country for up to 12 months while working remotely for companies located outside the country without the need for an entire work visa.


With more than 9 million foreigners residing there, Germany is yet another famous country among immigrants. Mostly known for its wide range of visa schemes for immigrants and the well-known Skilled Workers Immigration Act, Germany genuinely commits to the protection and freedom of its citizens.

Moreover, the famous Skilled Workers Immigration Act simplifies and expedites the moving process for skilled individuals. It allows eligible applicants to receive a permit for 6 months to find work in Germany, after which they can apply for a work permit depending on their visa type.

Furthermore, it allows immigrants to stay in the country for up to 4 years under a temporary residence permit, meeting all the requirements for which they can apply for citizenship.

Those aspiring to immigrate to Germany would be delighted to know that, owing to an estimated two million unfilled job vacancies and an acute shortage in local labor, the German government has decided to switch to a points-based system similar to the one in place in Canada.


The land of kangaroos and koalas, Australia, is a unique and gorgeous country to relocate to and settle in. Widely known among immigrants for its vast range of immigrant-friendly policies, including the Global Talent Visa, Employer Nomination Scheme, Skilled Nominated Visa, Temporary Graduate Visa, Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, Retirement Visa, and more, make it easier for immigrants to move to the country.

Furthermore, the excellent job prospects and high standard of education and living in the country also add up to make Australia a popular choice among immigrants. It is worth noting that in order to apply for most of the visa programs, you have to be under 50, possess the necessary skills and experience, and usually score enough points in the scoring system- if you are applying for a points-based visa.

Australia’s economy has been on a steady path of growth over the last decade, with a GDP of $1.3 trillion. This growth has opened up a lot of new jobs, with companies constantly on the lookout for new talent.


If you possess a solid financial foundation and aspire to embrace a European lifestyle, acquiring a European passport and enjoying visa-free travel to all Schengen countries has become readily achievable. Having a robust passport and establishing yourself in a nation offering advanced healthcare and excellent educational opportunities for your children can be an ideal retirement goal.

Among the European countries, Portugal stands out as one of the most accessible for relocation, primarily due to its Golden Visa Program. This initiative grants applicants permanent residency after five years and also offers the opportunity for citizenship.

However, obtaining this visa necessitates either purchasing real estate valued at $500,000 or investing $350,000 in property within an urban regeneration area alongside other investment alternatives.


Owing to its straightforward Investment visa and retirement scheme, Paraguay almost makes it effortless for immigrants to obtain permanent residency and citizenship in the country. As of December 2022, a new immigration law has been implemented that no longer requires immigrants to acquire an INTERPOL certificate in order for their Temporary Residence Visas to be extended in Paraguay. 

The most convenient way to get permanent residence in the country is to apply through an investment program operated by the Unified System of Opening and Closing Companies (SAUCE). To qualify for the SAUCE investment program, the immigrant must invest a minimum of $70,000 over a period of 10 years. Upon investment, residency can be obtained as quickly as three months, followed by citizenship after three years. 

Alternatively, an immigrant can also secure Paraguayan citizenship by opting for either one of these two routes:

  • if an immigrant’s birth country does not require any visa or a visa on arrival while entering Paraguay, then they can deposit at least $4,500 in a Paraguay bank to get residency. 
  • with a monthly retirement income of $1,022 or more, it is possible to retire in  Paraguay and apply for permanent residency regardless of one’s age.



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