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Elanan, the latest jewel in NEOM’s crown, beckons discerning travelers searching for solace from the bustling pace of urban living. Positioned as an exclusive haven, this retreat goes beyond being a mere getaway spot; it serves as an invitation call to reconnect with nature, revitalize the soul, and embrace holistic wellness.

Join Wego as we venture into Elanan, where visionary architectural designs harmonize with holistic wellness and tranquility.

What is Elanan?

Nestled in the heart of NEOM, Saudi Arabia’s visionary city, Elanan stands as an exclusive guest retreat that goes beyond mere luxury, inviting visitors to discover a profound sense of peace and a reminder of our connection to something greater.


Emphasizing Elanan’s contemporary approach to wellness, the retreat seamlessly integrates advanced technologies into a luxurious setting, fostering relaxation and introspection. Its distinctive amenities provide guests various opportunities to indulge in tranquility, facilitating rejuvenation amidst peaceful surroundings.

Elanan opening date

Shrouded in mystery, Elanan holds its opening date guarded, heightening anticipation for what promises to be a haven of tranquility. While specific details remain undisclosed, Elanan is poised to be a discreet haven for those seeking serenity.

Please note that we will update the information as and when released by the officials. 

Elanan location

Ensconced along the Gulf of Aqaba, Elanan presents breathtaking coastline panoramas. Its architectural design, carefully integrated into the tiered hillside, seamlessly blends with the surrounding natural terrain. At the pinnacle of Elanan stands the featured Observation Tower, offering sweeping views that beckon reflection and wonder.

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What to expect at Elanan?

As we eagerly anticipate our journey to Elanan, here’s a glimpse of what to expect at this haven of luxury and tranquility:

Signature facilities

The state-of-the-art luxury amenities, along with 80 meticulously crafted rooms and suites, will provide an extensive array of treatments and experiences for visitors. By seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with serene natural surroundings, guests will discover unparalleled tranquility, relaxation, and rejuvenation unlike any other place on Earth.

Large plazas

Elanan will boast large plazas where guests can unwind and reconnect with nature while enjoying serene surroundings.

Private dining 

Elanan will offer specialty private dining experiences that transcend the ordinary, where guests can savor culinary delights. Whether it’s a special occasion or a quiet rendezvous, Elanan promises to turn every meal into a memorable and heartwarming experience for all who visit.

Sun garden

Elanan will feature a sun garden that will captivate visitors with its serene atmosphere and inviting pathways, offering a sanctuary to relax and reflect amidst nature’s embrace. Guests can anticipate moments of tranquility and connection as they wander through the garden.

Observation tower

Elanan will highlight its Observation Tower, which stands as an architectural marvel, offering a portal to reflection as you ascend its spiraling staircase. From its heights, the Gulf of Aqaba stretches into infinity, inviting dreamers and seekers to experience the breathtaking views.


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