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Saudi Arabia is set to welcome a new airline into its bustling aviation market. With Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing economy and increasing demand for air travel, the entry of this new player is expected to bring increased competition and innovation to the market.

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Continue reading this Wego article to know more about NEOM Airlines, Saudi Arabia’s newest airline.

NEOM Airlines operational date

NEOM Airlines is set to operate its flights out of NEOM Bay Airport by the end of 2024.

NEOM Airlines will commence operations from NEOM Bay Airport, which commenced operations in 2019. The airport itself currently serves Saudia’s domestic and international flights to destinations such as London and Dubai, along with flyDubai flights that connect the tourist destination to Dubai.


NEOM Airlines features

NEOM Airlines aims to power every flight with sustainable fuel, which will be sourced from mixing facilities located at NEOM. The airline is committed to promoting sustainability, extending even to its catering services, which will feature locally sourced foods from NEOM. Customers will be able to enjoy these fresh meals at their preferred dining time, thus reflecting the carrier’s focus on providing on-demand services while also prioritizing sustainable practices.

NEOM Airlines has already initiated talks with various manufacturers of planes, interiors, and seats. However, from 2026 onward, the airline plans to introduce new and innovative aircraft with advanced features such as electric, hydrogen-powered, or supersonic technology. Furthermore, NEOM Airlines intends to provide its passengers with next-generation interiors that enhance the overall travel experience.


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