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Reviewed January 2024

NEOM, a $500 billion project launched as part of Saudi’s Vision 2030, aims to create a futuristic technological park intertwined with a sustainable living ecosystem. Continuously unveiling new elements, NEOM’s latest reveal is Siranna. This coastal-facing development includes a hotel and residential area, offering various recreational activities for visitors, all set at the heart of nature’s purest beauty.

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Read on as Wego unveils details regarding Siranna. 

What is Siranna?

A fusion of elegance and innovation, Siranna is meticulously designed to provide a lifestyle without compromise, serving as a refuge for guests looking to escape the demands of everyday life.


This ultra-luxurious retreat comprises 100 hotel rooms and apartments nestled in a breathtaking and private bay, set against the backdrop of a majestic mountain view along the Gulf of Aqaba.

Moreover, the development also envisions various recreational facilities, including a beach club, wellness centers, and an extensive selection of dining and entertainment options.

Siranna location

Siranna is situated along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, strategically positioned to offer uninterrupted views of the Red Sea. The architectural design of Siranna is carefully planned to seamlessly integrate with the surrounding mountains and wadi, creating a harmonious blend with the natural landscape.

What to expect at Siranna?

Siranna’s location positions itself as a serene escape from worldly pressures, offering a haven for introspection and self-reflection. It’s an ideal place to detach from daily routines and connect with like-minded individuals in an atmosphere conducive to self-discovery.

NEOM unveiled the following key features in its latest press release about Siranna:

Siranna hotel & restaurants

Siranna is designed as a luxurious retreat, boasting over 100 rooms and apartments, ensuring an opulent stay for its guests. Catering to tourists, Siranna prides itself on diverse dining options, guaranteeing every visitor finds culinary satisfaction during their stay.

Luxury boutiques

Siranna beckons the inner shopper in you, offering an enticing variety of luxury boutiques, ensuring your visit ends not just with cherished memories but also with bulky shopping bags.

Beach Club

Promising an exceptional experience, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the world-class beach club at Siranna, set to be its signature highlight. 

Nature trails

Siranna’s picturesque locale is a haven for nature lovers. Visitors can explore the mountains and valleys on foot or horseback, discovering the true essence of this beautiful landscape.


If exploration and activities tire you out, unwind at the amphitheaters and indulge in various performances and events, ensuring a delightful and relaxing experience.

Please note that we will update more information as and when released by the officials.


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