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Reviewed February 2024

NEOM has recently revealed its vision for a sustainable tourism haven named Leyja, set to become a prominent jewel in the grand tapestry of NEOM’s ambitions. With its deep-rooted history, commitment to sustainability, and an array of distinctive experiences, Leyja aspires to be a destination that not only embodies NEOM’s vision but also enchants the wanderlust of global travelers, offering a glimpse into a harmonious coexistence of nature, innovation, and culture that awaits exploration.

Read on as Wego explores Leyja’s enchanting landscapes and the boundless adventures it has in store for you.

What is Leyja?

NEOM’s latest luxury eco-tourism destination, Leyja, is a sustainable regional development located on the Gulf of Aqaba coast.

Mirroring the larger conservation objectives while offering visitors a chance to fully experience the stunning natural scenery of the area, Leyja extends NEOM’s continuous dedication to evolving into a versatile destination and plays a role in advancing the Kingdom’s ambitions to develop a thriving tourism industry as outlined in Saudi Vision 2030.


Immersed in rich history and mythology, Leyja beckons with diverse experiences and activities tailored to visitors seeking adventure, wellness, or relaxation. Leyja follows NEOM’s strategy to designate most of its land as a nature reserve and to preserve 95 percent of its area for nature.

Furthermore, Leyja embraces cutting-edge and environmentally friendly design and construction methods to ensure the development harmoniously integrates with the natural landscape.

Leyja location

Nestled along the Gulf of the Aqaba coast, Leyja meanders inland, shaping a pristine valley nestled between towering 400-meter-high mountains, which have been sculpted by the forces of nature and water over countless centuries.

Leyja opening date

Leyja is expected to open its doors in 2025 and will be one of the many destinations that NEOM will offer to visitors from around the world. Harmonious with nature, innovative in design, and rich in culture, Leyja is a testament to NEOM’s commitment to creating a new model of living.

Please note that we will update the information as and when it is released by the officials.

What to expect at Leyja?

Three unique boutique hotels

A luxury eco-tourism destination, Leyja features three boutique hotels that have been intelligently and sensitively designed by world-leading architects to complement the surrounding nature, operate sustainably and provide distinct experiences.

The three properties will offer 120 elegant boutique rooms and suites, split equally with 40 keys at each.

The Adventure Hotel: A Staircase in the Valley

Tailor-made for active adventure, the Adventure Hotel will offer adrenaline-seekers a wealth of experiences.

The property’s deconstructed architectural design gracefully ascends the valley walls in a staircase-like fashion, harmoniously following the contours of the land without disrupting its natural flow. Moreover, its unique position, nestled into the cliff top and valley slopes, is perfect for rock climbing and various high-energy activities in the neighboring terrain.

The Oasis Hotel: Heart of the Valley

Emerging boldly from the rocky landscape and commanding a central presence within the valley’s most expansive oasis, the Oasis Hotel serves as a captivating portal to the endless exploration of the valley that stretches beyond its boundaries.

The grand staircase leading from the canyon to the property’s entrance is a voyage of revelation, affording unparalleled vistas of the valley’s breathtaking beauty at every step.

The Wellness Hotel: Harmony with Nature

An all-encompassing wellness sanctuary dedicated to fostering longevity, the Wellness Hotel boasts a cutting-edge, reflective exterior that mirrors the stunning beauty of the surrounding valley walls, providing the utmost in tranquility and seclusion.

It harmoniously incorporates the valley’s natural flow through the heart of the property, ensuring visitors a distinctive and interactive encounter with their surroundings.

Other recreation and activities

Once developed, Leyja will also offer an extensive selection of refined experiences and activities, including fine dining and contemporary restaurants presented by world-renowned chefs.

The three properties will feature wellness amenities and rooftop infinity-style pools as prominent highlights. Furthermore, visitors can look forward to extensive guided valley strolls and captivating hiking routes set amidst the valley’s striking mountain vistas.

For adventurous souls, mountain biking and rock climbing opportunities will also be readily available.


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