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Reviewed February 2024

Utamo, unveiled by NEOM’s Board of Directors, emerges as a groundbreaking nexus where art, technology, and nature converge to reimagine the essence of entertainment. Featuring a versatile performance area, VIP lounges, and distinctive restaurants, it is poised to become one of the globe’s most exclusive event spaces.

Read further as Wego unveils details regarding NEOM’s Utamo.

What is Utamo?

NEOM’s Board of Directors recently unveiled Utamo, an extraordinary centre for art and entertainment. Set amidst the scenic mountains bordering the Gulf of Aqaba in northwest Saudi Arabia, this pioneering venue is set to transform conventional entertainment paradigms.


A theatre of the future where reality and the digital realm converge, Utamo represents a union of artistic brilliance and technological innovation, seeking to redefine the way visitors experience entertainment.

Envisioned as a seamless fusion of art and architectural finesse, it creates an incomparable ambience where the union of nature and contemporary elements is flawlessly intertwined.

Utamo location

Nestled within a mountain along the Gulf of Aqaba coastline in northwest Saudi Arabia, NEOM’s Utamo is anticipated to be an immersive destination for art and entertainment.

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What to expect at Utamo?

The following are some of the major attractions you can expect at Utamo NEOM:

A natural haven for art and technology

Utamo serves as a captivating backdrop for music events, exhibitions, and transformative art experiences.

The venue seamlessly merges natural beauty with technological innovation, creating a space where art and architecture harmonize to offer visitors a unique and unparalleled experience.

The grand entrance and futuristic theatre

Guests arriving at Utamo will embark on a journey through a picturesque garden promenade adorned with diverse flora. The grand hall, marked by a towering 64-meter-high entrance, sets the stage for the awe-inspiring encounters awaiting within.

This entrance pays tribute to art and design, foreshadowing the remarkable experiences awaiting guests.

Redefining entertainment standards

Utamo stands as a pioneering space that converges reality and the digital realm, poised to host events that redefine entertainment benchmarks.

Equipped with multipurpose performance areas, VIP lounges, and distinguished restaurants, it aims to be one of the world’s most exclusive event spaces, playing host to performances by global artistic luminaries.

Immersive experiences and sustainable design

Crafted to facilitate immersive artistic installations and performances, Utamo boasts advanced audio-visual systems that captivate guests with sensory experiences, immersing them into the heart of the performance.

Guided by NEOM’s commitment to conservation and sustainable development, the design and construction of Utamo employ cutting-edge techniques to ensure minimal impact on the surrounding environment.


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