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Updated November 2023

Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund, has announced the opening of an entertainment zone in the Aseer province of Saudi Arabia. The project boasts a budget of 1.3 billion Saudi riyals ($346.6 million) and stands as a significant component of the kingdom’s diversification efforts.

Read on as Wego unveils details you need to know about the new SEVEN Abha project by the Saudi Government.

What is the SEVEN Abha project?

SEVEN Abha is the proposed entertainment zone slated to be built in the region of Abha, Saudi Arabia, by the Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN). The zone is set to cover 64,000 square meters, boasting a built-up area exceeding 79,000 square meters.

SEVEN Abha marks the company’s fifth project of its kind in the Kingdom, constructed at a cost of SAR 1.3 billion ( USD 347 million).

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What to expect at SEVEN Abha?

SEVEN Abha is set to feature eight distinct attractions, boasting a family entertainment center with arcade games, world-class rides, and Virtual Reality areas. Among the major highlights are:

  • discovery adventures jungle-themed edutainment attraction in collaboration with Warner Bros.
  • discovery Global Themed Entertainment, an outdoor jungle-themed educational entertainment experience.
  • a Play-Doh-themed center licensed by Hasbro to ignite children’s creativity.
  • a cutting-edge 12-hole indoor golf adventure area.
  • a diverse range of live entertainment events.
  • indoor e-karting on multi-level tracks.
  • a futuristic 10-lane bowling concept.

Furthermore, SEVEN Abha will feature a 10-screen cinema by AMC and a variety of immersive experiences, all conveniently situated in one place. In addition, SEVEN will present a diverse selection of retail and dining options, ensuring there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Please note that more information will be updated once released by the officials.

SEVEN Abha progress

At present, the SEVEN Abha project is in its early stages. 

Gensler, a renowned global firm specializing in architecture, design, and planning, conceived the design for SEVEN Abha. Infused with inspiration from the region’s ancient stone structures, the architecture serves to highlight and enhance Aseer’s distinctive identity.  The design adheres closely to the Urban Code of the Aseer Region, placing a premium on excellence in urban planning, design, landscape, and architecture, all while honoring the region’s unique character.

For the construction phase, Modern Building Leaders Co. has been chosen. SEVEN has formed collaborations with leading industry players, including Cundall, Theme 3, Top Notch, Holofice, Thinkwell, and Sea Quest, to shape the design of the entertainment hub.

SEVEN is committing an investment exceeding SAR 50 billion to establish 21 entertainment destinations, offering exclusive world-class experiences through global partnerships. These projects are strategically distributed across 14 cities in Saudi Arabia.

Anticipating significant growth by 2030, SEVEN aims to contribute over SAR 4 billion to the GDP and attract more than 5 million visitors. Moreover, these initiatives are poised to generate numerous direct and indirect job opportunities, benefiting the residents of the Aseer region.

Please note that more information will be updated once released by the officials.


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